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**M-1 Carbine by Underwood
Lot # 484 - **M-1 Carbine by Underwood
.30 caliber, 18" barrel, S/N 4828597. Receiver marked U.S. Carbine Cal. 30 M1. Barrel marked Underwood 3-44 over flaming bomb proof. Walnut stock with RIA EB cartouche and X5 behind triggerguard. Sling well marked RMC. With canvas sling marked U.S. Barrel with bayonet lug.
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Hunting Knife and Sheath
Lot # 1341 - Hunting Knife and Sheath
This European-style hunting knife is approximately 13.25" overall with a 9" triangular blade, wire wrapped grip and cast brass mounts. The leather sheath has a brass throat and an iron tip.
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R. Baumgarten Side-by-Side Double-Barrel Hammer Shotgun
Lot # 590 - R. Baumgarten Side-by-Side Double-Barrel Hammer Shotgun
16 gauge, 28.5" barrels, S/N 5928. Interior of frame with proof marks and marked R. Baumgarten/Bernburg. Underside of barrel with proof marks and stamped J.G Anschutz. Frame, triggerguard, lockplates, hammers and upper tang feature intricate floral engravings. The lockplates feature engraved deer, with an engraved duck on the triggerguard. Checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forearm, with horn lever and raised cheek piece.
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H&R Safety Hammer Revolver
Lot # 937 - H&R Safety Hammer Revolver
38 caliber, 2.5" octagonal barrel, S/N 2618. Nickel finish with blue triggerguard, case colored hammer, hard rubber grips.
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*S&W Model 24-3 Revolver
Lot # 849 - *S&W Model 24-3 Revolver
.44 caliber, 3" barrel, S/N AEL1303, Blued finish with rosewood grips with S&W medallions. In the original blue two-piece box.
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Springfield Model 1873 Rifle
Lot # 255 - Springfield Model 1873 Rifle
.45-70 caliber, 32.5" barrel. Walnut stock, high-arch breechblock marked Model 1873 with eagle and crossed arrows and dated 1873 on the breechblock. Lockplate dated 1863. Modern leather sling.
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Remington New Model Army Revolver
Lot # 837 - Remington New Model Army Revolver
.44 caliber, 8" octagonal barrel, S/N 130709. Top flat of barrel with three-line address. Brass triggerguard. Left walnut grip with inspector's cartouche. 
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Italian Vetterli Bolt Action Rifle M70
Lot # 533 - Italian Vetterli Bolt Action Rifle M70
10.4 caliber, 33" barrel, S/N N 7762. All numbers matching. Walnut stocks.
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**Stevens Favorite Rifle
Lot # 1213 - **Stevens Favorite Rifle
.22 caliber, 22" octagonal-to-round barrel, S/N 1990G, Walnut stock and forearm.
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**High Standard Revolver
Lot # 844 - **High Standard Revolver
.22 caliber, 4" round barrel, S/N 2208922. Blue finish with walnut grips.
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US Cartridge Co. .38 S&W Caliber Ammo Box
Lot # 974 - US Cartridge Co. .38 S&W Caliber Ammo Box
Lot is a US Cartridge Co .38 S&W partial ammo box with a picture of 3rd Model S&W on lid.
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