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[Photographic] Seven Stereoviews of People Viewing Stereoviews
9/26/2011 - Curved-Mount Stereoview Collection
Lot of 7 of people looking at stereoviews including B.W. Kilburn #11468 "The Fountain of Knowledge" of little boy seated on a chamber pot looking through stereoscope; T.W. Ingersoll #281 "An Interesting Picture," Two young women in nightgowns holding stereoscopes, one looking; Underwood & Underwood "The Stereograph as Educator--Underwood Patent Extension Cabinet in a home library," woman sitting next to the cabinets looking into stereoscope; Keystone View Co. #285 "Embracing an Opportunity," view salesman kisses wife as husband busy looking into stereoscope; unnumbered Keystone advertising view "KEYSTONE 600 SET for the Home," woman looking into Stereoscope seated by cabinet/bookshelf with flip-top stereoview book box opened on top shelf; C.H. Graves #4518 "High Art Connoisseurs," 3 young women in nightgowns looking at views in a bedroom and anonymous pirated copy of girl looking into rotary viewer. 6 buff and 1 gray mount.

The Ed Burchard Stereoview Collection

Overall bright and clear. Some minor soil on the mounts. 2 with slight waterstains on mount edges.
Sold: $88.13
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[Airplanes] Lot of 21 Stereoviews
Lot # 3 - [Airplanes] Lot of 21 Stereoviews
Lot of 21 (20 Keystone & 1 Underwood) aviation views including 5 duplicates. Better subjects including Keystone #V26102 of Photographers photographing Wright plane at Fort Meyer, Va. Army air trials; #11774 Early Wright flyer leaving ground 1904; #16644 Wright flyer in flight at Dayton; #V18921 Clo... > Item Details
[Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Two Stereoviews of FDR Standing
Lot # 168 - [Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Two Stereoviews of FDR Standing
Lot of 2 scarce views by Keystone View Co. of Franklin D. Roosevelt standing. #32790 "Gov. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Presidential Nominee of the Democratic Party, at Chicago, Ill.," photographed close-up standing at the podium on June 30, 1932 making his acceptance speech at the Chicago Stadium an... > Item Details
[Africa] 31 Stereoviews
Lot # 60 - [Africa] 31 Stereoviews
Lot of 31 views of Africa including B.W. Kilburn #13797 Sorting diamonds at De Beers, Kimberly, South Africa; 4 of natives Zululand, Nyanza, East Africa including 3 w/bare-breasted women and 1 of Masais gambling game "Bao." Hunting Zebras near Mt. Meru, East Africa. Keystone of Chief's wives and ch... > Item Details
[Colorado] Nine Stereoviews Including Wirewalker
Lot # 36 - [Colorado] Nine Stereoviews Including Wirewalker
Lot of 9 of Colorado including Keystone #14307 of Ivy Baldwin in 1907 record wirewalk near Boulder (580 feet high, 555 feet long. Also 3 (2 U&U & 1 American Stereoscopic) of Pike's Peak Cog Railway (locomotive 3); Keystone #32792 of World's highest bridge at Royal Gorge; Kilburn #5612 of Denver & Ri... > Item Details
[Famous People-Miscellaneous] Lot of 16 Stereoviews
Lot # 174 - [Famous People-Miscellaneous] Lot of 16 Stereoviews
Lot of 16 of famous people including U&U of Portugal's Crown Prince Felipe and his brother Emanuel with their tutor Maj. Mouzinho d' Abuquergue of S. Africa fame, 1902; Keystone #11074 close portrait of His Majesty, the Sultan of Zanzibar, East Africa; U&U #9981 of King Gutav V of Sweden with Prince... > Item Details
[Hunters and Animals] Lot of Six Steroviews
Lot # 184 - [Hunters and Animals] Lot of Six Steroviews
Lot of 6 including 2 by Keystone View Co., #9458-9459 nice winter hunting scenes taken at Ashland, Maine, Dec. 5, 1898. "Ther's where I hit 'im," showing three hunters with rifles taking close look of killed moose and "The Hunter's Return--Result of the Chase showing group of hunters, with rifles cl... > Item Details
[War-Spanish American War] Lot of 28
Lot # 109 - [War-Spanish American War] Lot of 28
Lot of 28 Spanish-American War views. Nice variety of subjects including many camp scenes with troops. Makers include Keystone View Co.(11) including #9519 of 3rd Reg't Volunteer Engineers leaving St. Louis for Puerto Rico led by brass band; Underwood & Underwood(12 including 2 duplicates of the ... > Item Details
[Railroads] <i>Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Centenary Exhibition & Pageant</i> Series,1927
Lot # 14 - [Railroads] Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Centenary Exhibition & Pageant Series,1927
Scarce complete 100-view book/boxed set by Keystone View Co. "Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Centenary Exhibition and Pageant," plus a duplicate of #17 and a nice view by an accomplished amateur close-up portrait of the 4-4-0 locomotive "Satilla" with Burchard notation on verso "Built by Rogers Locomot... > Item Details
[Colorado] Lot of 43 Stereoviews
Lot # 38 - [Colorado] Lot of 43 Stereoviews
Lot of 43 of Colorado including Edward Clarke (American Stereoscopic Co.) view of train stopped on curve in Royal Gorge, 1896; 2 anonymous (flat, no 3-D) views of Denver--Circus Band Wagon leading parade & buildings decorated for apparently an Elks Conventiom; 12 (including 2 duplicates) by various ... > Item Details
[Russia] Lot of 56 Stereoviews
Lot # 77 - [Russia] Lot of 56 Stereoviews
Lot of 56 of Russia including 3 Russo-Japanese War views by B.W. Kilburn--#16479 portrait of Gen. Lenievitch, commanding First Manchurian Army; #16496 Russian army at front and #16803 Rukssian artillery going into action, Manchuria; 2 H.C. White views of Moscow; 4 Universal Photo Art of St. Petersbu... > Item Details
[Alaska] Rare Balloon Ascension in <i>The Klondike</i>
Lot # 21 - [Alaska] Rare Balloon Ascension in The Klondike
Lot of 2 Alaska gold rush views in the Klondike by William H. Rau, 1900, sold by Montgomery Ward & Co. Lot includes a rare view #2769 of a balloon ascension at Dawson, Yukon Territory and #2725 of Mining Camp of Selkirk with miners And log buildings. Buff mounts. Burchard inked notation on verso of... > Item Details
[Famous People/Baseball] Exceptionally Rare Keystone Baseball Outing Boxed Set
Lot # 126 - [Famous People/Baseball] Exceptionally Rare Keystone Baseball Outing Boxed Set
Set of 51 views by Lynn C. Skeels (1871-1948) who made these views privately for Lowell C. Mason, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. Mason was a good friend of Clark Griffith, owner of the Washington Senators baseball team who set aside a group of box seats for the opening of the baseball se... > Item Details
[Holy Land] Lot of 31 Stereoviews
Lot # 64 - [Holy Land] Lot of 31 Stereoviews
Lot of 31 of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Makers include Keystone View Co.(18); Underwood & Underwood(10) and Universal Photo Art(3). Nice variety of subjects including many people views especially in the scarcer Universal series(1903) including busy Christian Street and St. Stephen's Gate, Jerus... > Item Details
[England] Lot of 66 Stereoviews
Lot # 66 - [England] Lot of 66 Stereoviews
Lot of 66 of England including 3 older views: 2 London Stereoscioc Co. views from "Rustic Scenes of Old England"--#7 "Rest by the Way & #22 "Rest at the Stile" of hunters (one with shotgun) and G.W. Wilson #16 of men at Clamshell Cave, Staffa. Variety of better curved mount views including Keystone... > Item Details
[William McKinley-Trains] Three Stereoviews
Lot # 155 - [William McKinley-Trains] Three Stereoviews
Lot of 3 different "portraits" of highly decorated locomotives that pulled President William McKinley's trains on his two Western Tours in 1899 and 1901. Includes the train at an unspecified location October, 1899 on his trip "through the Northwest." The other two are of different decorated locomoti... > Item Details
[Making U.S. Money] Five Stereoviews of the Government Printing Office and Philadelphia Mint
Lot # 93 - [Making U.S. Money] Five Stereoviews of the Government Printing Office and Philadelphia Mint
Lot of 5 including 2 duplicates showing the making of money in the Government Printing Office. Lot includes B. W. Kilburn #7237 Interior of Printing Room, Washington, D.C., 1892 and 4 Keystone View Co. views #22290 (plus dupe) Making Paper Money in Washington, D.C. with stacks of uncut bills in for... > Item Details
[Foreign] Mixed Group of 38 Stereoviews of Foreign Scenes
Lot # 68 - [Foreign] Mixed Group of 38 Stereoviews of Foreign Scenes
Lot of 38 of various foreign countries including 6 flat mount views--3 London Stereoscopic Co. (2 of London & 1 of men smoking pipes; anonymous (not a copy view) of carriages at Hyde Park, London; William England Alpine Club viewat Hanbeck, Wwitzerland and Lamy view of St. Mauruce, Switzerland. Nic... > Item Details
[Labor/Suffrage Activism] Coxey's Army Stereoview
Lot # 85 - [Labor/Suffrage Activism] Coxey's Army Stereoview
Rare view by C.H. Graves #2974 "Coxey's Army Receiving Rations," 1894. Nice view of members of the march on Washington in a crude encampment. In the background is the Commissary Wagon which has painted on the canopy "Commonweal of Christ - Commissary No. __" and can see "Washington" in part. Some... > Item Details
[Greece] Lot of Six Stereoviews
Lot # 70 - [Greece] Lot of Six Stereoviews
Lot of 6 including 3 by J.F. Jarvis (Underwood & Underwood)--close view of Army recruits w/flag before Temple of Theseus, Athens, Greco-Turkish War, 1897; close of man in rope hoist entering Monestary at Meteora and Acropolis from Philopappos Hill, Athens. 3 Keystone View Co. views, #11167 People at... > Item Details
[Famous People-Lou Gehrig]
Lot # 127 - [Famous People-Lou Gehrig]
Scarce Keystone View Co. #32597 "Lou Gehrig, Famous Yankee First Baseman." Nice close portrait of Gehrig standing with hands behind his back. Two other unidentified players behind him by wood/wire fence. Possibly photographed at Spring Training. Gray curved mount. "Ed. Burchard Collection" impr... > Item Details
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