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[Photographic] Seven Stereoviews of People Viewing Stereoviews
9/26/2011 - Curved-Mount Stereoview Collection
Lot of 7 of people looking at stereoviews including B.W. Kilburn #11468 "The Fountain of Knowledge" of little boy seated on a chamber pot looking through stereoscope; T.W. Ingersoll #281 "An Interesting Picture," Two young women in nightgowns holding stereoscopes, one looking; Underwood & Underwood "The Stereograph as Educator--Underwood Patent Extension Cabinet in a home library," woman sitting next to the cabinets looking into stereoscope; Keystone View Co. #285 "Embracing an Opportunity," view salesman kisses wife as husband busy looking into stereoscope; unnumbered Keystone advertising view "KEYSTONE 600 SET for the Home," woman looking into Stereoscope seated by cabinet/bookshelf with flip-top stereoview book box opened on top shelf; C.H. Graves #4518 "High Art Connoisseurs," 3 young women in nightgowns looking at views in a bedroom and anonymous pirated copy of girl looking into rotary viewer. 6 buff and 1 gray mount.

The Ed Burchard Stereoview Collection

Overall bright and clear. Some minor soil on the mounts. 2 with slight waterstains on mount edges.
Sold: $88.13
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[Cowboys] Lot of 12 Stereoviews
Lot # 31 - [Cowboys] Lot of 12 Stereoviews
lot of 12 of Cowboys. Underwood & Underwood view of cowboys on the Sierra Bonita Ranch, Arizona examining a yearling's brand to settle a dispute plus 11 by Keystone View Co. showing cowboys branding wild horses in Wyoming; holding a herd horses on a North Dakota Ranch; Branding calves on Paloduro R... > Item Details
[Australia & Canada] 21 Stereoviews
Lot # 59 - [Australia & Canada] 21 Stereoviews
Lot of 21 Keystone View Co. views of Australia (17) and Canada (4). Australian natives hunting with spears; Military Review, Melbourne of Great White Fleet visit; overview of Melbourne; harvest scenes in Australia; farm scenes (one with Massey-Harris horsedrawn wheat harvester); Jenolan Caves; etc.... > Item Details
[Airplanes] Lot of 21 Stereoviews
Lot # 3 - [Airplanes] Lot of 21 Stereoviews
Lot of 21 (20 Keystone & 1 Underwood) aviation views including 5 duplicates. Better subjects including Keystone #V26102 of Photographers photographing Wright plane at Fort Meyer, Va. Army air trials; #11774 Early Wright flyer leaving ground 1904; #16644 Wright flyer in flight at Dayton; #V18921 Clo... > Item Details
[Risque Humor] 12 Stereoviews
Lot # 185 - [Risque Humor] 12 Stereoviews
Lot of 12 of risque humorous subjects including 4 anonymous c. 1920 views of young women at beach starting to undress; another standing by a rocky shore pulling her dress up to show her bare knee with a "blind" man wearing dark glasses sitting holding a sign "HELP THE BLIND; and a pair showing a man... > Item Details
[Famous People-Clara Barton]
Lot # 118 - [Famous People-Clara Barton]
Keystone View Co. (from an Underwood & Underwood negative) #V28008 close portrait of Clara Barton, Founder of the American Red Cross Society seated at her desk. This is #H240 from the scarce 300-view "History" set. Gray curved mount with descriptive text and also with "300 History" imprint on vers... > Item Details
[Railroads-B&O Centennial] 16 Stereoviews
Lot # 15 - [Railroads-B&O Centennial] 16 Stereoviews
Lot of 16 of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Centenary, 1927. 15 are by an anonymous accomplished stereo photography plus one that was issued by Keystone View Co. in their "Iron Horse" set. The anonymous views are all of locomotives, trains and a car interior and different from those made by the Key... > Item Details
[Famous People-Edison, Firestone, and Ford]
Lot # 125 - [Famous People-Edison, Firestone, and Ford]
Keystone #18551 nice portrait of Harvey Firestone, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison in front of the Kling residence (Keystone misidentified it as the "King" residence). They were attending the funeral of President Warren G. Harding, August 1923. Ed Burchard has penned on the verso their life dates, th... > Item Details
[War-Boxer Rebellion] Three Stereoviews of Chinese Torture and Execution
Lot # 112 - [War-Boxer Rebellion] Three Stereoviews of Chinese Torture and Execution
Lot of 3 gruesome views from the Boxer Rebellion in China. Included is B.W. Kilburn #14358 "After the execution, Canton prison, China," 1901, close-up view showing about a dozen severed heads piled up; James Ricalton for Underwood & Underwood close view of two "Heads of beheaded criminals tied by q... > Item Details
[Warships-USS Iowa] Lot of 15
Lot # 99 - [Warships-USS Iowa] Lot of 15
Lot of 15 of U.S.S "Iowa" including William H. Rau (sold by Montgomery Wards) #1587 of Capt. "Fighting Bob" Evans plus the companion view published by Griffith of Officer of the Deck. Graves "Stereoscopic Gems" #3615 Christening and launch in Philadelphia; 6 by Underwood & Underwood including 2 of ... > Item Details
[African American] 18 Stereoviews
Lot # 181 - [African American] 18 Stereoviews
Lot of 18 views of African-Americans at work and play including school children (not staged comics). Makers include H.C. White; Underwood & Underwood; Keystone View Co.; Littleton View Co.; Universal Photo Art; M.H. Zahner (Griffith & Griffith); Kilburn Brothers and George Barker. 12 (including 1 ... > Item Details
[Missouri-Kansas City] Kansas City Flood of 1903
Lot # 44 - [Missouri-Kansas City] Kansas City Flood of 1903
Lot of 8 of the Kansas City, Missouri flood of June 1903 by Underwood & Underwood. Terrific views of locomotives and passenger cars partly submerged at the Santa Fe Railroad yards; people on on the Union Depot balcony watching the flood; box cars submerged in freight yards; Action view of torrent o... > Item Details
[Africa] 31 Stereoviews
Lot # 60 - [Africa] 31 Stereoviews
Lot of 31 views of Africa including B.W. Kilburn #13797 Sorting diamonds at De Beers, Kimberly, South Africa; 4 of natives Zululand, Nyanza, East Africa including 3 w/bare-breasted women and 1 of Masais gambling game "Bao." Hunting Zebras near Mt. Meru, East Africa. Keystone of Chief's wives and ch... > Item Details
[Missouri-St. Louis] Views of the May 27, 1896 Tornado, Plus
Lot # 45 - [Missouri-St. Louis] Views of the May 27, 1896 Tornado, Plus
Lot of 11 including 8 Keystone View Co. views of the St. Louis, Missouri and East St. Louis, Illinois flood of May 27, 1896--#2214 Damage to Ferry at Eads Bridge; #2225 Wiggins Ferry boxcars at warehouse, E. St. Louis; #2226 Soldiers on Guard in ruins, East St. Louis; #2229 Loading a wagon at St. Lo... > Item Details
[Warships-Battleships Illinois, Ohio, & Wisconsin] Lot of 12
Lot # 96 - [Warships-Battleships Illinois, Ohio, & Wisconsin] Lot of 12
Lot of 12 including U.S. Battleship "Illinois (4)--3 by Underwood & Underwood with 2 of the launching at Newport News, Va. in 1898; an Underwood stern view showing 6-inch guns, 1908 and International Stereograph Co. in drydock, 1904 after collision with "Missouri." 2 Underwood & Underwood views of t... > Item Details
[Germany] Lot of 41 Stereoviews
Lot # 69 - [Germany] Lot of 41 Stereoviews
Lot of 41 views of Germany including 2 from c. 1870s--William England #17 of ship at shore, Coblenz and Sophus Williams studio portrait of 2 women by F. Biegner, Berlin. Nice variety of better subjects in curved mounts including Underwood & Underwood of German passengers jammed on deck of S.S. Koni... > Item Details
[Famous People-Pope Pius X] Lot of Two Book-Box Sets
Lot # 143 - [Famous People-Pope Pius X] Lot of Two Book-Box Sets
Lot of two 24-view book-box sets by Underwood & Underwood of "A Pilgrimage to See Pope Pius X," plus 10 variants and totally different views from the 36-view set. In addition there is a nice portrait view by H.C. White #10356 of Pope Pius X standing in throne room. (59 views in all). Includes a fe... > Item Details
[Lantern Slides-Lincoln and Slave Life] Boxed Lot of Lantern Slides
Lot # 150 - [Lantern Slides-Lincoln and Slave Life] Boxed Lot of Lantern Slides
Scarce set of 16 black and white lantern slides "Slave Life and Abraham Lincoln" published by the Photographic History Service as part of their "Social Science Study Units" featuring real photo images from Historical Motion Picture "Stills." Scenes in this unit from "Hearts in Dixie," by Fox; "Uncl... > Item Details
[Making U.S. Money] Five Stereoviews of the Government Printing Office and Philadelphia Mint
Lot # 93 - [Making U.S. Money] Five Stereoviews of the Government Printing Office and Philadelphia Mint
Lot of 5 including 2 duplicates showing the making of money in the Government Printing Office. Lot includes B. W. Kilburn #7237 Interior of Printing Room, Washington, D.C., 1892 and 4 Keystone View Co. views #22290 (plus dupe) Making Paper Money in Washington, D.C. with stacks of uncut bills in for... > Item Details
[Railroads] 25 Stereoviews
Lot # 18 - [Railroads] 25 Stereoviews
Lot of 25 railroad related views. Makers include Keystone (7 including eye-testing dupe); B.W. Kilburn (7); Underwood & Underwood (5); C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art) #2876 action view of Pennsylvania R.R. Columbian Express at 70 miles an hour; M.H. Zahner (Griffith & Griffith) Car of Gorge Elect... > Item Details
[World's Columbian Exposition-Bennett] Four Stereoviews
Lot # 175 - [World's Columbian Exposition-Bennett] Four Stereoviews
Lot of 4 scarce views of the World's Columbian Exposition by Henry H. Bennett. Because B.W. Kilburn had the exclusive license to make stereographs of the Exposition, Bennet photographed his series from the entrances and over the fences on the outside. lot includes #306 "Buildings in Jackson Park f... > Item Details
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