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[Photographic] Seven Stereoviews of People Viewing Stereoviews
9/26/2011 - Curved-Mount Stereoview Collection
Lot of 7 of people looking at stereoviews including B.W. Kilburn #11468 "The Fountain of Knowledge" of little boy seated on a chamber pot looking through stereoscope; T.W. Ingersoll #281 "An Interesting Picture," Two young women in nightgowns holding stereoscopes, one looking; Underwood & Underwood "The Stereograph as Educator--Underwood Patent Extension Cabinet in a home library," woman sitting next to the cabinets looking into stereoscope; Keystone View Co. #285 "Embracing an Opportunity," view salesman kisses wife as husband busy looking into stereoscope; unnumbered Keystone advertising view "KEYSTONE 600 SET for the Home," woman looking into Stereoscope seated by cabinet/bookshelf with flip-top stereoview book box opened on top shelf; C.H. Graves #4518 "High Art Connoisseurs," 3 young women in nightgowns looking at views in a bedroom and anonymous pirated copy of girl looking into rotary viewer. 6 buff and 1 gray mount.

The Ed Burchard Stereoview Collection

Overall bright and clear. Some minor soil on the mounts. 2 with slight waterstains on mount edges.
Sold: $88.13
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[Warships-Battleship Maine] 14 Stereoviews of the <i>Maine</i>, Including Divers
Lot # 102 - [Warships-Battleship Maine] 14 Stereoviews of the Maine, Including Divers
Lot of 14 of the Battleship Maine including C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art Co.) #5016 Portrait of Capt. Chas. D. Sigsbee; 2 Keystone View Co. of burial of the Maine victims at Arlington, Va. Dec. 28, 1899; 2 including Universal Art Co. and Underwood & Underwood views showing divers; 4 of twisted w... > Item Details
[Oregon] Lot of Nine Stereoviews
Lot # 47 - [Oregon] Lot of Nine Stereoviews
Lot of 9 of Oregon including 5 of the "Pillars of Hercules" with 3 showing locomotives (International Stereograph Co. #21838; Underwood & Underwood #(48) 6284 and unnumbered less common view of train from different angle). Two track views by Keystone #9329 & 13628. Also Keystone View Co. hyperstereo... > Item Details
[California-Yosemite] Lot of 30 Stereoviews
Lot # 30 - [California-Yosemite] Lot of 30 Stereoviews
Lot of 30 of Yosemite. Various makers including Underwood & Underwood (Our Party on horseback on trail); Ingersoll View Co.; William H. Rau (Our Party at Yosemite Falls); C.L. Wasson; B.L. Singley (Keystone); Kilburn Bros & B.W. Kilburn; and C.H. Graves. Major sites including Sentinel Hotel; Half ... > Item Details
[Arctic & Antarctic] Lot of 10 Stereoviews
Lot # 61 - [Arctic & Antarctic] Lot of 10 Stereoviews
Lot of 10 Keystone View Co. views of Arctic and Antarctic exploration including #4691 (from Underwood & Underwood negative) of member of exploring party coming out of igloo, Ellesmere Island; #13327 Roald Amundsen inspecting ice field, Antarctic; #13328 Commander Adrien De Gerlache on skis hunting s... > Item Details
[Famous People-Edison]
Lot # 124 - [Famous People-Edison]
Underwood & Underwood "The most famous inventor of the Age--Thos. A. Edison in his laboratory, East Orange, N.J.," 1901. Burchard has penned on verso "Edison was 54 when this was taken (1847-1931). "Ed. Burchard Collection" imprint twice on verso. Gray curved mount with rich sepia photos. > Item Details
[Famous People-Dwight Eisenhower & Oveta Culp Hobby]
Lot # 171 - [Famous People-Dwight Eisenhower & Oveta Culp Hobby]
Scarce Keystone View Co. #38554 of President Dwight D. Eisenhower seated at a table in discussion with his Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby who was Director of the Women's Army Corp (WACS) during World War II. On verso Burchard has penned notations and has affixed a... > Item Details
[Minneapolis,  Minnesota] Three Stereoviews
Lot # 48 - [Minneapolis, Minnesota] Three Stereoviews
Lot of 3 of Minneapolis including Keystone #5036 of the 1897 Elk's Convention Grand Parade, July 8, 1897 with trolleys and decorated businesses. In the lower foreground is a man riding an unusual early bicycle; Keystone #16703 of busy Nicollet Ave. with an early electric car at right. (Burchard has... > Item Details
[Famous People-Coolidge] Six Stereoviews
Lot # 122 - [Famous People-Coolidge] Six Stereoviews
Lot of 6 of President Calvin Coolidge by Keystone View Co. including #29472 Seated with his cabinet (including Herbert Hoover); #26303 Seated with his cabinet on grounds with White House in background (Hoover standing behind Coolidge who is seated next to Charles Evans Hughes); #s17404 & 17405 Pres.... > Item Details
[Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Three Stereoviews
Lot # 167 - [Famous People-Franklin Delano Roosevelt] Three Stereoviews
Lot of 3 of Franklin D. Roosevelt including 2 of him at the 3rd Game of the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field in Chicago while he was still Governor of New York and running for President. First is Keystone #32818 close view of Roosevelt seated talking to Joe McCarthy, manager of the New York Yanke... > Item Details
[Chicago?] Stereoview of Confiscated Stills
Lot # 33 - [Chicago?] Stereoview of Confiscated Stills
Extremely rare view by an accomplished amateur showing a large group of confiscated stills during the Prohibition era in Chicago, c. 1920s. (Burchard had this filed with his Chicago views and having lived most of his life in the Chicago area it is probable this is in Chicago). Nice 3-D as we look a... > Item Details
[Automobiles-Manufacturing/Tires] 44 Stereoviews
Lot # 11 - [Automobiles-Manufacturing/Tires] 44 Stereoviews
Lot of 44 of automobiles, roads plus auto and tire manufacturing. 43 Keystones and U&U #(28) 5709 Early autos on the race track (not race cars) at Ormand-Daytona Beach, Fla. Keystone View Co. views include 4 from "Public Helpers" set including #34745 of a motorcycle policeman writing ticket to carel... > Item Details
[Americana] Mixed Group of 35 American Scenes
Lot # 20 - [Americana] Mixed Group of 35 American Scenes
Lot of 35 mixed views of a wide variety of American subjects with all showing people in varied activities. Various makers including B.W. Kilburn, Universal Photo Art, , Keystone View Co., , Underwood & Underwood, Webster & Albee, Griffith & Griffith, George Baker, and Ingersoll View Co. Scenes of... > Item Details
[Labor/Suffrage Activism] Coxey's Army Stereoview
Lot # 85 - [Labor/Suffrage Activism] Coxey's Army Stereoview
Rare view by C.H. Graves #2974 "Coxey's Army Receiving Rations," 1894. Nice view of members of the march on Washington in a crude encampment. In the background is the Commissary Wagon which has painted on the canopy "Commonweal of Christ - Commissary No. __" and can see "Washington" in part. Some... > Item Details
[Famous People-Col. Fred Grant]
Lot # 128 - [Famous People-Col. Fred Grant]
B.W. Kilburn #12605 "Col. Fred D. Grant. Commanding 14th Regiment, N.G.N.Y." Scarce view of Grant who strongly resembled his famous father. As commander of the New York National Guard in the Spanish-American War he had a undistinguished limited military career. He is seen seated between the furle... > Item Details
[Chicago] Very Large Mixed Group of Chicago Stereoviews
Lot # 35 - [Chicago] Very Large Mixed Group of Chicago Stereoviews
Lot of 96 of Chicago including two mid to late 1870s views that missed the flat mount sale attributed to Lovejoy & Foster-View looking East on Randolph to Clark St. with the Sherman House seen halfway down the block and a nice view of Sharman House. A nice gathering showing Chicago in the 1880s to ... > Item Details
[Family Series/Courtship & Marriage] Lot of 3 Stereoviews
Lot # 187 - [Family Series/Courtship & Marriage] Lot of 3 Stereoviews
Lot of 33 including 21 of the scarce 25-view Keystone "The Family" set, c. 1930s. (Missing #8, 15 & 16). Great views showing family with one child; family with four children (radio on table); family with seven children; family having a picnic; family at Art Deco ticket booth going to movies; mother ... > Item Details
[Famous People-Political] Seven Stereoviews
Lot # 151 - [Famous People-Political] Seven Stereoviews
Lot of 7 various political views including Keystone #26315 portrait of Charles G. Dawes, Republican nominee for Vice-President with his family at his home in Evanston, Illinois; C.L. Wasson (International View Co.) scarce view of Sen. Lafollette of Wisconsin speaking at Decatur, Illinois; J.F. Jarvi... > Item Details
[Railroads] 25 Stereoviews
Lot # 18 - [Railroads] 25 Stereoviews
Lot of 25 railroad related views. Makers include Keystone (7 including eye-testing dupe); B.W. Kilburn (7); Underwood & Underwood (5); C.H. Graves (Universal Photo Art) #2876 action view of Pennsylvania R.R. Columbian Express at 70 miles an hour; M.H. Zahner (Griffith & Griffith) Car of Gorge Elect... > Item Details
[Germany] Lot of 41 Stereoviews
Lot # 69 - [Germany] Lot of 41 Stereoviews
Lot of 41 views of Germany including 2 from c. 1870s--William England #17 of ship at shore, Coblenz and Sophus Williams studio portrait of 2 women by F. Biegner, Berlin. Nice variety of better subjects in curved mounts including Underwood & Underwood of German passengers jammed on deck of S.S. Koni... > Item Details
[Famous People-William Jennings Bryan] 18 Stereoviews
Lot # 120 - [Famous People-William Jennings Bryan] 18 Stereoviews
Lot of 18 of William Jennings Bryan. A nice mini-collection including scarce standing portrait (1908) by E.W. Kelley; 10 views by Underwood & Underwood including 2 of his return home in 1906 to New York City after around the World tour; seated at his desk in his recruiting office (1898); 2 of him ... > Item Details
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