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Lot 3
William Wiessler (American, 1887-1975)

Red and White Peonies oil on canvas signed and dated 28 l.r. label from the Society of the Cincinnati Central Turners on verso housed in original gilt frame 30 x 24.5 in. (sight)

Lot 20
Jacob Cox (American, 1810-1892)

Pastoral Landscapeoil on canvassigned and dated 1891, l.r.framed23.25 x 35.25 in. (sight)

Lot 21
Louis Oscar Griffith (American, 1875-1956)

Canadian Farm, Montrealoil on canvassigned l.r.titled in plaqueframed23 x 29.25 in. (sight)

Lot 23
De Scott Evans (American, 1847-1898)

Portrait of a Reclining Woman oil on canvassigned l.l.framed23.5 x 19.5 in. (sight)

Lot 28
John Henry Witt (American, 1840-1901)

A Woman Asleepoil on canvassigned JH Witt l.l.; titled on paper label on versohoused in a gilt gesso frame 23.5 x 17.5 in. (sight) The painting was owned by Hoboken, N.J. artist, George F. Muendel in 1871, and it's conceivable that the subject could be a member of his family. EXHIBITED National Academy of Design. New York, NY. 1880.

Lot 29
Adolph Schulz (American, 1869-1963)

Flowering Plumoil on boardsigned l.l.framed13.25 x 16 in. (sight)

Lot 38
Frederick Polley (American, 1875-1958)

New York Citypencil on papersigned and titled l.l.framed15 x 12 in. (sight)

Lot 41
Sanford Robinson Gifford (American, 1823-1880)

Coastal Sceneoil on canvassigned l.r.framed8 x 11.5 in. (sight)An extensive conservation report is included with the lot.  

Lot 43
David Johnson (American, 1827-1908)

The Pastorage, Geneseooil on canvasmonogrammed l.r.housed in original frame with artist plaque17.5 x 24 in. (sight)

Lot 45
George Gunther Hartwick (American, 1817-1899)

Forest Path with Stairsoil on canvassigned l.r.housed in gilt frame31.5 x 21.5 in. (sight)

Lot 47
Charles Drew Cahoon (American, 1861-1951)

Marsh Landscape, Tonalist Schooloil on canvassigned l.r.framed11.5 x 19.5 in. (sight)

Lot 52
De Scott Evans (American, 1847-1898)

Portrait of a Woman in Pinkoil on canvassigned u.l.framed20 x 15.5 in. (sight)

Lot 61
John Soderberg (American, b. 1951)

Stevepatinated bronze on wood pedestalfourth quarter 20th centuryht. 35.75 in. (without pedestal); 37.5 in. (with pedestal)This life-size sculpture represents the torso of Steve Biko (1946-1977), a South African activist and founder of the Black Consciousness Movement. He died while in police custody and has since been remembered as a prominent figure of the anti-apartheid movement. About the work, Soderberg stated that h...

Lot 69
Andrew Melrose (English, 1836-1901)

Fernilee on the Tweed, Scotlandoil on canvassigned l.l.framed10 x 13.5 in. (sight)

Lot 71
Adolf Chwala (Czech Republic, 1836-1900)

Landscape with Bridgeoil on canvassigned l.l.framed25.5 x 20.5 in. (sight)

Lot 76
Pieter Willem Sebes (Dutch, 1830-1906)

Boy and Dogoil on panelsigned l.r.housed in original gilt and gesso frame 12.75 x 9.5 in. (sight)

Lot 82
Asaichi Kitajima (Japanese, 1877-1947)

River Sceneoil on canvassigned l.l.framed17.5 x 14.5 in. (sight)

Lot 84
Eugène Louis Gabriel Isabey (French, 1804-1886)

Normandy Shoreoil on canvasunsigned, but identified by 19th century Rhode Island Gallery label on versohoused in carved gilt frame15.75 x 21in. (sight)

Lot 88
Anton Brioschi (Austrian, 1855-1920)

Farmhouse Sceneoil on wood panelartist name on plaque on frameframed under glass13.5 x 9.5 in. (sight)

Lot 96
Joseph Farquharson (Scottish, 1846-1935)

The Angelusoil on canvas signed l.r.framed29.5 x 49.5 in. (sight)

Lot 97
Lin Jun (Chinese, 20th century)

Girl with Catoil on canvas boardsigned l.r.framed14.75 x 20.75 in. (sight)

Lot 131
Rare Chinese Tang Silver Stem Cup

Chinese, Tang dynasty. A detailed footed wine cup having etched equestrian designs and a fine patina; ht. 2.25 in., wt. 45 g.

Lot 170
Unger Bros. Reticulated Silver Basket

American, 20th century. A sterling reticulated basket marked for Unger Bros.; lg. 10, ht. 9.5 in., silver wt. 9.743ozt (303.01g).

Lot 195
Austrian School, 18th Century

Austrian, 19th century. Oil on canvas. A portrait of Maximilian Franz, Archduke of Austria, unsigned; 22.75 x 18 in. (sight).

Lot 200
English Portrait, 19th Century

English, 19th century. Oil on canvas, housed in a gilt frame with oval opening. A portrait of man with wig, unsigned; 27.5 x 22.5 in. (sight).

Lot 202
Portrait of a Woman

British, late 19th century. Oil on canvas, housed in a gilt frame. A portrait of a young woman wearing a large black hat. Unsigned; 23.5 x 17.5 in. (sight).

Lot 203
Portrait of a Woman on a Shore by Lewis Wood

Lewis John Wood (British, 1813-1901). Oil on board, housed in a gilt frame. A portrait of a woman holding a wicker basket and standing on a shore with boats in the background. Signed l.r.; dated 1871, l.r.; 10.5 x 8.75 in. (sight).

Lot 252
Royal Worcester Monumental Figure

English, 20th century. A Royal Worcester figure of a young man holding a basket, marks to underside of base along with registration date numbers for 1907; ht. 17.5 in.

Lot 265
French Regence Console Tables with Breche Marble Tops

Continental (French), 18th century. A pair of Regence console tables in beechwood, having serpentine breche marble tops with slightly outset corners above a conforming frieze carved with a central shell and rocaille, all rising on elaborately carved cabriole legs with foliate motifs connected by shell-carved stretchers and ending in elevated whorl feet, purportedly once housed in the Chelsea Mansion, Muttontown, New York, accompanied by two cust...

Lot 283
French Brass Butcher's Scale

Continental (French), late 19th-early 20th century. A brass butcher's scale with two balances, each balance having a pair of circular pans suspended by chains and dolphin-form hooks which, in turn, hang from a tapering columnar shaft with a bull's-head terminus opposed by a plain, curved terminus, all rising on a scalloped base with thirteen fitted weights including: 5 Kg, 2 Kg, 1 Kg (2), 1/2 Kg, 1/4 Kg, 2 hg, 1/8 Kg, 1 hg, 1/2 hg, 20 g, 10...

Lot 285
Aubusson-style Tapestry

French, late 19th century. A needlepoint work depicting a forest scene with a watermill farm in the center in hues of brown and blue, bordered with a loose rope and bead motif; 67.25 x 47.75 in. (unframed).

Lot 298
Giuseppe Ferrari Bronze Hide and Seek Girl

Giuseppe Ferrari ( Italian, 1840-1905). Bronze on marble base, unsigned; ht. 8, lg. 6.25 in.

Lot 311
Royal Vienna Cabinet Plates

Austrian, early 20th century. Group of three cabinet plates, each with Royal Vienna mark, each with three digit number, transfer printed with hand painting, gilt exterior; each dia. 10 in.

Lot 313
KPM Plaque with Interior Scene after Kuntz

German, late 19th century.  A KPM plaque with finely painted interior scene after Kuntz, housed in a Closson's frame; 7.25 x 5 in. (sight).

Lot 327
Pair of Famille Rose Chinese Export Plates

Chinese Export, early 19th century. A pair of of famille rose decorated export plates, each with mountainous scenic views; dia. of each 9 in.

Lot 328
Chinese Export Rose Mandarin Punch Bowl

Chinese Export, 19th century. A footed bowl with enamel-decorated figural and scenic panels to exterior and four figural and scenic reserves alternating with foliate motifs to interior. Both the exterior and interior are adorned with a floral decorated band along the top rim; dia. 16 in., ht. 6.5 in.

Lot 329
Chinese Export Rose Medallion Punch Bowl

Chinese Export, 19th century. A footed bowl having alternating figural and bird decorations in six reserves to exterior and interior, the latter also having a four-panel decorated center. Both the exterior and interior are also adorned with a floral band along the top rim; dia. 16 in., ht. 6.25 in.

Lot 331
Chinese Export Partial Tea Set

Chinese Export, 19th century. A four-piece porcelain tea service comprising a lidded tea caddy, a footed creamer, a cup, and a saucer, all decorated with gilt on copper red edges and gilt on blue floral motifs to body; ht. 6 in. (caddy).

Lot 337
Caucasian Kazak Rug

Ca 1900. Decorated with six central latch-hooked diamond-shaped medallions against a red ground and bordered by a repeating serrated leaf pattern against a white ground; 5 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 10 in. (65.75 x 34 in.; 167 x 86.36 cm).

Lot 345
Persian Kerman Rug

Iran, ca 1920s. 6 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 10 in. (80 x 46 in.; 203.2 x 116.84 cm).

Lot 347
Persian Kerman Rug

Iran, ca 1920s. 6 ft 4 in. x 4 ft 3 in. (76 x 51 in.; 193 x 129.54 cm).

Lot 355
Silk Tapestry, Machine Made

20th century. 8 ft. x 4 ft. 8 in. (96.25 x 56.50 in.; 244.48 x 143.51 cm).

Lot 360
Turkish Ersari Rug

Turkey, second half 20th century. 7 ft. 9 in. x 5 ft. x 2 in. (93 x 62 in.; 236.22 x 157.48 cm).

Lot 362
Kerman-style Rug

20th century. Machine made, in Kerman design; 17 ft. 10 in. x 11 ft. 8 in. (214 x 139.5 in.; 543.56 x 354.33 cm).

Lot 377
Portrait Miniatures on Ivory

American, 19th century. A pair of miniatures naively representing a young woman and a man with books in the background, both in black and gilt frames; 2.75 x 2.25 in. (sight).

Lot 379
S.T. Homans Family Portrait Miniatures, Plus

American, 19th century. A group of family portraits on ivory of a father, son and daughter, each in a gold frame, sibling portraits signed l.r. S.T. Homans, PLUS a later lithograph of the father's portrait, housed in a gilt frame; lithograph 11.5 x 9.5 in., miniatures 2.5 x 2 in. (sight).

Lot 380
William Seward Silhouette by Weston

New York, 1839. A cut and paste silhouette with painted embellishments of William Seward (1801-1872) as Governor of New York (1839-1842), signed l.l. by Weston, N.Y. / 1839 and labeled l.r. Governor William H. Seward. Housed in a wooden frame with gilt liner; 11.5 x 9.25 in. (sight).

Lot 381
New Orleans Gentleman by Jules Lion

Jules Lion (1816-1866).  Stipple engraving on paper, signed and dated 1837 as part of plate, l.l.; 13 x 10 in. (sight)

Lot 382
George Washington Reverse Painted Portrait

American, late 19th-early 20th century. A reverse painted portrait on glass of George Washington after William Matthew Prior (1806-1873), housed in a wooden frame; 24 x 19.75 in. (sight).

Lot 383
Portrait of McDougall Hawkes

American, early 20th century. Oil on canvas, housed in a gilt gesso frame. A half-length portrait of McDougall Hawkes (American, 1862-1929) with a coat draped over his right arm and standing in front of a botanical background. Signed l.l., possibly John Bow and dated 1910; plaque on frame inscribed McDougall Hawkes / First Chairman / Of The / Board of Trustees / 1911-1929 / Museum of French Art / French Institute In The United States; 35.5 x 29.2...

Auctions 1-50 of 184