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Lot 58
Mid-17th Century Germanic Wheellock Blunderbuss

1.75" bore diameter, 22" barrel with German proofs top flat. Walnut stock, iron wheellock, long cavalry bar on left side. Brass tag on trigger guard reads F.W. Roebling III, Collection Trenton N.J. 51. From a descendant of the famous bridge builders, including the Cincinnati Suspension Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lot 103
Thos. W. Cofer Correspondence with His Wife, 1864

ALS from Cofer to Mag, May 22, 1864. Cofer says that the most recent letter from his wife proves that she did not receive his previous correspondence, so he must reiterate. He says he is attempted to collect all that was owed to him before being ordered to evacuate, and left $1,127 in the care of the Tignor family. Accompanied by another ALS written the following day, dated Richmond, May 23, 1864, 1p, 5 x 8 in., saying that the previous day’s ...

Lot 112
16th Century Comb Morion Helmet

Iron helmet with 2.5" comb, brim comes to a 2.75" point at both ends. Body and comb etched with three decorative bands of floral motifs with the figure of an eagle on both sides of the comb and facial profile portraits on the body, and two rope-like bands on the brim.  Helmet has a small hole piercing the top of the comb, complete with brass rivets and an iron plume holder, body is unlined.

Lot 123
Model 1832 U.S. General's Sword and Scabbard

30" double edged blade with central fuller, etched with military and floral motifs, no maker's mark.  Hilt has gilt brass clam shell and "D" guard  both embossed with pearl edging, urn shaped engraved pommel, grip wrapped in silver wire. Brass scabbard retains much of the gilt finish, engraved with floral patterns.

Lot 124
Republic of Mexico Model 1804 Lion Head and Snake Hilt Sword and Scabbard

27" shortened quillback blade etched with Mexican eagles, military and floral motifs, unmarked.  Hilt has a nickel plated stylized serpent "S" cross guard and lion head pommel with ring, grip of grooved walnut. Complete with nickel plated metal scabbard.

Lot 125
Model 1832 U.S. General Officer's and Staff Sword and Scabbard

31" double edged blade with deep central fuller, etched with US, military and floral motifs, maker marked N. P. Ames / Cutler / Springfield.  Hilt has a gilt brass double clamshell and "D" guard edged in a pearl line, and an engraved globe pommel, grip of banded silver.  Complete with black leather scabbard with brass mountings engraved in multiple line bands, with double hanger rings an...

Lot 126
Model 1840 Heavy Calvary Presentation Quality Saber

34.5" blade etched with a "US" monogram, eagle and military trophy motifs on a gilt panel. Spine marked "IRON:PROOF" with an oak leaf pattern. Maker marked on the obverse above the ricasso "HORSTMANN /  & SONS / PHILADELPHIA;", ricasso stamped with the king's head logo of the German blade maker Weyersberg. Hilt has a three-branch guard embossed with floral elements and Phrygian helmet pommel edged with acant...

Lot 127
Model 1830 U.S. Navy Sword with "5-Ball" Guard

30" curved blade with single fuller, gilt filled engravings of an eagle, military and patriotic motifs on a blued panel, ricasso marked Warranted.  Hilt has a gilt brass single branch "5-ball" naval style guard and pillow pommel, grip of fluted ivory. Scabbard lacking.

Lot 128
Model 1850 U.S. Marine Officer's Sword

30" German made blade etched with "U.S.M.C.", military and floral motifs, ricasso marked with the Weyersberg king's head logo and "W. HORSTMANN / & SONS / PHILADELPHIA" retailer's mark. Hilt has brass two branch guard filled with pierced floral filigree, Phrygian helmet pommel embossed with acanthus leaves, grip wrapped in shark skin brass twist wire. Complete with black leather scabbard with brass mounts.  In 1859 the Mar...

Lot 129
Model 1830 U.S. Navy Officer's Sword with "5-Ball" Guard

25" shortened German import blade engraved with military and floral motifs still retaining some of the gilt finish, ricasso maker marked on the obverse "S.H.S." and "en / Solingen" on the reverse. Brass hilt has a double branch "5-ball" guard filled with a sunburst disc, pillow pommel that has a high cap rivet stand, checked ebony grip has a diamond shaped white bone inlay with engraved flag and anchor.  Lacking the ...

Lot 135
Contemporary Kentucky Flintlock Rifle by Jack Haugh and Horn from Pennsylvania Bicentennial

.50 caliber, 44" octagonal barrel finished brown, signed "J. Haugh", on the top flat, silver line touch hole.  Unmarked lock with flat gooseneck hammer, action functions smoothly.  Curly maple full stock with carved fleur-de lis on the ramrod channel, barrel tang mortise and cheek rest, brass furniture including an engraved side plate and two-piece patch box.  The rifle is accompanied b...

Lot 160
Cased Pair of Flintlock Muff Pistols by Haslett of Baltimore

.36 caliber smoothbore, 1.375" round screw barrels, engraved barrels with sun bursts at breech, engraved bands in the middle of the barrels and at the muzzle.  Engraved frames with gold seals on the left side of frame with Haslett Baltimore markings.  Gold-lined flash pans.  Silver wire inlaid in the bag shaped walnut grips with checkering and silver butt caps.  Interesting mahogany casing, side-by-side style with oi...

Lot 161
Early Pair of French Flintlock Pistols by Picart A. Ohbinge

.710 bore diameter, 14" long barrels with sighting flats, chiseled at the breech and muzzles. The breeches are each decorated with a chiseled acanthus molding  of demon masks en suite with the barrels and locks inset with a silver demon mask cast in low relief, signed brass rounded locks with linear borders and each inset with a silver demon mask on the tail, the cocks and the steel regions are chiseled in ...

Lot 162
Mexican War Period US Artillery Officer's Chapeau

Black beaver felt with ostrich plume, 4" black silk cockade with a gilt finished brass 1821 pattern artillery eagle button in the center. Interior has a paper liner with "BENT & BUSH / BOSTON" maker's mark, small remnant of the leather sweatband and a partially legible owner's name label.

Lot 165
Mexican Navy Officer's Dress Chapeau, Ca 1860

Black beaver fur with wide grosgrain ribbon and ostrich feather trim. Silver bullion embroidered anchor and floral motifs on black velvet cockade retainer band, cockade now missing. Silver anchor embossed button.  Lined in off-white silk embossed with a Paris maker's address. With leather sweatband.

Lot 167
Middle Eastern Silver & Gold Inlaid Flintlock Pistol

.70 caliber, 10" heavily chased in silver and gold barrel. Silver embossed side plate, trigger guard and butt cap. Heavily chiseled walnut stock.

Lot 168
Austrian Military Tube Lock Pistol

.65 caliber, 9.85" round smoothbore barrel marked "C II" on the breech. Lock has tube percussion mechanism in good working order. Plate marked with Austrian eagle proof and dated "1854."  Walnut stock with brass furniture, some parts numbered "25."

Lot 171
Early Pair of Silver-Mounted Flintlock Pistols by Barbar

.650 caliber smoothbore, 9.75" round barrel. British proofs near the breech on the left side.  Locks marked Barber.  Silver-mounted trigger guard with English hallmarks, acorn finial. Walnut stocks with raised carving behind the tangs.  Circa 1780.

Lot 174
Early French Side-by-Side Percussion Shotgun

.580 bore diameters, 32" barrels with sighting groove on the tang and front small blade sight.  Early rounded style locks.  Iron buttplate, iron trigger guard with acorn finial.  Walnut stock with raised carving around the lock and trigger guard. Early fluted comb stock with original purple velvet cover on the comb of the stock.   This is an early style conversion using the flint hammers and adding percussion nipples...

Lot 183
American Heavy Barrel Percussion Target Rifle

.38 caliber, 27.25" heavy octagonal barrel with patent breech. Half-stock percussion rifle featuring a heavy barrel with a Redfield hood front sight and a hood peep sight on the upper tang. The upper tang, hammer and lock feature flowing scroll and floral engravings. Double set triggers with engraved German silver trigger guard with finger spurs and an engraved finial. The walnut half-stock features German silver escutcheons and a pewter fore end...

Lot 184
Percussion Plains Rifle Marked F.R. Hamilton, Bloomington, Indiana

.52 caliber, 34" heavy octagonal barrel with circular muzzle. The barrel is marked F.R. Hamilton Bloomington, Indiana. The barrel features an inlaid German silver band at the breech, and an inlaid copper circle on the face of the muzzle. The maple half-stock features several German silver inlays, including a diamond and five-pointed stars on the right side of the butt, and ivy vines with an eagle and shield silhouette on the left side. The r...

Lot 186
Percussion Target Rifle by E. Wesson

.40 caliber, 28" heavy octagonal barrel with rounded muzzle. The barrel has a German silver blade front sight with a dovetail rear sight. The barrel is stamped E. Wesson Cast Steel Hartford CT and features two stamped eagle motifs. The breech, frame, lock and upper tang feature scroll engravings. The upper tang has a folding peep sight attached. With double set triggers. The iron patchbox features an engraved buck, surrounded ...

Lot 188
Percussion Fowler by Le Page

6 gauge, 29.5" octagonal-to-round barrel, patent breech,  Gold inlaid lines on the breech.  Gold inlaid markings Le Page A Rqer Du Roi  Brevette. On the hammer is Le Page Brevette. Barrel finished in a twist brown; case colored breech, hammer and lock. Finely checkered and highly figured French walnut stock.

Lot 189
Breechloading Pauly Shotgun

16 gauge, 32" barrels, S/N 195.  Engraved on the sides of the frame Invention Pauly.  Top of barrels inlaid in gold Invention Pauly, Brevette A Paris.  Beautifully carved boar's head behind the trigger guard. Finely checkered walnut stock.

Lot 193
John Wilkes Booth Dueling Target Pistol

American-made dueling pistol, 17 in. long, 10.5 in. octagonal barrel of .43 caliber with a good bore. Bottom of barrel stamped J.G. SYMS 44 CHATHAM ST. NY. The pistol has a walnut half-stock with checkered grip, light floral scroll engraving on the lock, patent breech, and trigger guard. It also has double lines of gold inlaid at the breech, front and rear sights and a single set trigger. John G. Syms was the brother of William Syms, part...

Lot 196
English Bowie Knife by Barnes

6.5" clipped-point blade. Tortoiseshell handle with coffin-shaped German silver pommel and inlaid mother-of-pearl circle. Red suede leather sheath with German silver tip and throat. Knife from the Dr. R. Charles Griffith Collection.

Lot 197
Cutlery Handle Bowie Knife and Sheath by W&S. Butcher

8.25" clip point blade with etched panel and banner Self Protector. Long false edge along the top of the blade is an early feature. German silver hollow cutlery handle with German silver guard. Leather sheath with German silver tip.

Lot 200
Model 1860 Presentation Sword to Col. Viall From the Officers of the 4th Rhode Island Militia

34" etched blade with floral and military motifs including a "U.S." and a standing officer looking through field glasses. Retailer marked in a shield on the reverse above the ricasso MILLER / & Co. / NEW YORK. Ricasso maker marked and dated COLLINS & Co / HARTFORD / CONN.  Hilt has brass deluxe floral engraved three-branch guard and Pythian helmet pommel cap embossed the acanthus...

Lot 201
Model 1840 Republic of Mexico Cavalry Officer's Sword French Made

33.75" straight blade with fuller, etched with military and floral motifs including the eagle, snake and cactus Mexican national emblem.  Hilt has a brass four-branch guard with langets, pommel and back strap. Grip wrapped in shagreen and brass wire twist.  Iron scabbard retains much of the black painted finish and appears to have been made without a drag.

Lot 204
Irish-American Col. Thomas Cass Presentation Sword with Reseach, Prints and More

Model 1850 Staff and Field Officer's sword, 30.5" blade etched with floral and military motifs. Obverse with presentation "Presented by the Members / of the Columbian Artillery / to Capt. Thomas Cass / Dec 1854." Ricasso with maker's mark "Ames Mfg. Co. / Chicopee, / Mass." Hilt has brass guard pierced with "US" and floral elements, and Phrygian helmet pommel embossed with acanthus leaves, both retaining good traces of gilt finish....

Lot 205
Ballard Civil War Carbine by Ball & Williams

.44 RF caliber, 22" round barrel, S/N 9940. All matching numbers. The right side of the frame is marked Ballard's Patent / Nov. 5. 1861.  The left side of the frame is marked Ball & Williams On the left side of the frame is marked Ball & Williams / Worcester Mass. and Merwin & Bray Agts / New York.  With MM on the left side of the breechblock and in a cartouche on the butt.  The walnut butt...

Lot 224
U.S. H. Aston Model 1842 Percussion Pistol

.54 caliber, 8.5" round barrel with military marks on the left side of barrel. Brass furniture with walnut stock. Lockplate marked H. Aston; on the rear of lockplate dated 1851. Tang dated 1851, captured ram-rod.

Lot 235
Colt Model 1849 Percussion Revolver

.31 caliber, 4" octagonal barrel, S/N 312811 with matching numbers throughout. The barrel is marked with a single line Colt New York U.S. America address. The cylinder features the roll engraved stagecoach scene. The frame is marked Colt's Patent, with the caliber marked on the brass trigger guard. Varnished walnut grips.

Lot 238
Colt Model 1849 Percussion Revolver

.31 caliber, 4" octagonal barrel, S/N 312636 with matching numbers throughout. The barrel is marked with a single line Colt New York U.S. America address. The cylinder features the roll engraved stagecoach scene. The frame is marked Colt's Patent, with the caliber marked on the brass trigger guard. Varnished walnut grips.

Lot 244
C. Clement Copy of a Colt Model 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver

.36 caliber, 6.25" barrel, S/N 107133. With matching numbers throughout. Top flat of barrel marked Cap System Manufactured By C. Clement. The cylinder and barrel are marked with two different crown proofs. Blue finish with casehardened loading lever and hammer. Walnut grips.

Lot 259
Colt Third Model Dragoon Revolver

.44 caliber, 8" octagonal-to-round barrel, S/N 18770,  New York barrel address, Colt Patent on the left side of frame in two lines.  Brass backstrap and trigger guard.  Walnut grips.  All numbers match.

Lot 340
Model 1833 Hall-North U.S. Breech Loading Percussion Carbine

.52 smoothbore caliber, 26.19" round barrel. Barrel stamped N.W.P. behind the rear sight. The breechblock is marked U.S. S. North MidlTn Conn. 1838. With combination 25.25" ramrod/bayonet mounted in the fore end of the stock. Trigger guard with two finger ridges and sling ring. Walnut stock with compartment on bottom of butt area.

Lot 344
Lt. Col. Porter S. Cox Model 1840/60 Presentation Sword

34.5" slightly curved German made blade with fullers, obverse etched with military trophies, Greek keys and floral motifs with inscription "Onward to Victory." Reverse with similar etching and a "U" and "S" separated by a spread-wing eagle. Ricasso with knight logo and maker marked "<i>CLAUBERG / SOLINGEN</i>." Retains the leather scabbard washer.  Hilt has brass three-branch guar...

Lot 348
Confederate Iron D-Guard Bowie Knife by Thomas Griswold

8.5" iron spear point blade without fuller, pronounced wide ricasso is marked "Thomas. Griswold / New Orleans." Hilt has single iron knuckle bow with long quillion. Thick, forged iron "D" guard is peened to tang at the pommel. One-piece, rounded, wide grained wood grips, with wide pewter ferrule.  Overall 14 inches.  Full page illustration of this knife can be seen in Norm Flayderman's book...

Lot 349
Will & Fink San Francisco, Cal Bowie Knife

9.5" blade, with stag handle maker marked on blade "Will & Fink SF, CAL." Deluxe checkered special order snakeskin scabbard with a large decorative tarnished silver round button with Masonic symbol of an 'All Seeing Eye' poorly scratched into the center.

Lot 351
Zouave Uniform, Firearms and Archive Identified to Charles Reisser 9th New York Hawkins Zouaves

Incredibly large group obtained from a descendant, consisting of the Civil War uniform, personal effects, documents and two firearms originally the property of Acting Orderly Sergeant Charles Reisser, Co. G, 9th NY, known as "Hawkins Zouaves."   The uniform consists of a dark blue wool Algerian pattern jacket trimmed in red worsted wool braid and cord piping with matching braid and red wool "tombeau" applied on the front in typical Zouave...

Lot 354
Jenifer Pattern Officer's Saddle with Curved Valise

Black or very dark brown leather covered wooden tree with open seat, brass hardware, pommel and cantle shield shaped escutcheon plates, other plates with scalloped edges.  Complete with leather heart shaped quarter straps ring keepers and wooden stirrups with leather covers.  Includes a rare Jenifer pattern curved valise, leather with nickel buckles and unit numbers "6" on the ends, the exterior flap t...

Lot 355
US Military Attakapas Wagon Saddle with Model 1859 McClellan Rigging

Rawhide covered split seat wood tree with a pronounced pommel horn in the Spanish fashion.  Has iron hardware, brown leather skirts, fenders, straps and hoods over the regulation wooden stirrups.  Complete with a leather girth.  The design is based on an early Louisiana cattle saddle and is of of the very few complete Civil War issue wagon saddles still extant.  This particular saddle is pictured on page 77...

Lot 371
Pre-Custer US Springfield T.D. .45-70 Carbine Captured by Indians

.45/70 caliber, 25" barrel length, S/N 364. Markings on top of breech "Model 1873" over eagle head and "US."  Lock has eagle next to "US" over "Springfield."  "US" marked on top of the buttstock.  Blue barrel with case colored breech and tang.  Walnut stock.  After, the Custer massacre exposed flaws most of the First Type 1873's were sent back to be arsenally updated as was this specimen.  This carbine was captu...

Lot 372
Model 1881 2nd Artillery Officer's Dress Helmet

Private purchase black wool covered body and band with japanned side vents and patent leather binding.  Gilt brass eagle front plate with applied nickel "2," gilt shield and crossed cannon, artillery side buttons, plume socket and base.  Complete with brass chin chain on leather, gold bullion cords and red horsehair plume.  Interior visors lined in green leather; body lined in black cotton with leather sweatband.

Lot 373
Model 1881 Indian Scout's Dress Helmet

Black felt body with patent leather edge binding, band and chin strap. Brass fittings include eagle plate with crossed sabers and applied nickel crossed arrows, crossed arrow side buttons, plume socket and base.  Complete with red and white worsted wool cords with tassels and flat knots, and matching horsehair plume.  Visor lined in greenish-tan leather. Leather sweatband marked with an "1899" dated Horstmann contract stamp.

Lot 374
Model 1881 1st Artillery Officer's Dress Helmet

Black wool covered body and band, edge bound in patent leather.  Gilt brass eagle plate with applied shield and crossed cannon, nickel regimental number "1," artillery side buttons, chin chain on leather, plume socket and base.  Complete with gold bullion cords and red horsehair plume.  Lined in quilted silk with leather sweatband, inner spike base Pettibone marked with an "1892" patent date.

Lot 375
Rare U.S. Experimental Prairie Cartridge Belt

U.S. military canvas and leather cartridge belt with square brass buckle with additional leather and brass keeper, approximately 40" in overall length. The inside of the leather tongue strap is stamped with a small "K;" the inside of the canvas is stenciled "35 M" and "R.I.A. EXPERIMENTAL."

Lot 384
Colt U.S. Cavalry Revolver, in 4th Cavalry S/N Range

.45 caliber, 7.5" barrel, S/N 2697. Blued and case hardened finish. Wood grips, no visible cartouches on grips. Italic barrel address; Ainsworth inspected.

Lot 413
Smith & Wesson Model 2 Old Model Revolver

.32 RF caliber, 6" octagonal barrel, S/N 8159. Original blued barrel and cylinder, silver-plated frame, blued screws with case colored hammer and trigger. Original piano-finished rosewood grips.

Auctions 1-50 of 183