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Lot 1
War of 1812 Excavated Artifacts, Lot of 39

Includes buttons, buckles and parts of insignia.

Lot 4
Cartridge Boxes and Pouches, Lot of Seven

Lot includes two Civil War-style cap boxes; 2 officers' CW-style pistol cartridge boxes; one Revolutionary War-style cartridge box in brown leather,  and more. All are modern copies

Lot 25
Small Western Pack Saddle

Wooden pack saddle measures 13.5 x 11".

Lot 31
German 1813 Iron Cross

This is either an 1813 Iron Cross or a special Kulm Cross given to the Russian soldiers who helped defeat Napoleon with the Prussians at the battle of Kulm. A rare item either way.

Lot 32
German Franco-Prussian War Iron Cross 1st. Class

1870 Iron Cross 1st Class. Back has the split pin design and is marked 14 Lotig for silver content and I. Wagner & S maker. Three piece construction with magnetic center.

Lot 38
Lot of Two Early Fencing US Bayonets

Fencing bayonet for the .45-70 with 16" spring steel blade with blunt leather-covered tip, and an M1905 training bayonet with 16" leather-covered blade.

Lot 50
James Montgomery Flagg, I Want You for U.S. Army, World War I Poster

James Flag WWI poster:  I Want You For The US Army. With Uncle Sam pointing right at you. Poster measures 40 x 30 ". This is  a reproduction of the poster on canvas and on stretchers. Made in the last ten years.

Lot 148
Prussian Garde Korps Helmet Desk Ornament

5" tall, miniature silvered metal lobster-pattern helmet with eagle on the crown and movable chin strap.

Lot 153
German WWI Pour Le Merit Jeweler's Copy

Late wartime or early 1920's jeweler's copy, made of glided silver with very fine details to eagles and cut outs, 800 marked with a W on one side and a U on the other side of the jump ring.

Lot 191
US Army Major General Alden K. Sibley Group, Lot of Five

Major General Sibley, service time 1933 to 1968. Group includes: one plaque to Brigadier General A. K. Sibley, from, 82 Field Ordnance Support Group (ARVN); a letter from the World Affairs Council and invitation to a dinner for the French Ambassador stating he will sit at the head table with the Ambassador; a photo of the General with a HAWK Missile; an Automotive Industries magazine with the General on the cover.

Lot 210
US Navy Officer's Uniforms, Lot of Three

Lot includes three Navy officers' uniforms, two summer weight tan and one Class A blue.

Lot 211
US WWII Navy Officer's Jackets, Lot of Three

Lot includes three Navy officers' tunics, one summer weight tan and two Class A blue tunics.

Lot 222
US 1930s Uniform Lot

OD wool tunic, three breeches, a tie and three sets of leggings.

Lot 223
US WWII Enlisted Army Air Forces Uniform Group with Photo

Includes OD wool tunic with insignia, overseas cap, three shirts, two pairs of trousers and a studio portrait of the subject in uniform.

Lot 230
US WWII Rank and Collar Insignia and More, Lot of Thirty-Five

Lot includes officer rank, some sterling, enlisted collar insignia, and three post-WWII German helmet decals.

Lot 231
US WWII and After Ribbon Bars and Hitch Bars

Lot includes assorted ribbon bars and more.

Lot 274
1921 Airship Pilot's Wings by Meyer, Lot of 2

One marked with address, the other with the logo, sterling, pin back.

Lot 275
Balloon Observer Wings, Lot of 2

Both marked with the Meyer logo; sterling; pin-back.

Lot 351
US WWII Home Front Pillow Shams and One Red Cross Scarf, Lot of Ten

Lot includes: nine assorted Army and Navy pillow shams and one Red Cross scarf.

Lot 353
US WWII "Mothers of World War II" Podium Flag and Pin

Nice 36 x 24" flag, white field with red, white and blue Mothers Of World War II emblem lower front, with gold fringe. aAso included is a lapel pin.

Lot 423
Russian Iron Cross 1st Class 1941 Raub und Mord

A rare Russian propaganda Iron Cross with a 1941 date and Raub und Mord (Rape and Murder) stamped on reverse and dated 1941 for the German invasion of Russia. These were placed on dead German soldiers by the Russians.

Lot 431
German WWII M-40 Camo Helmet

M-40 camo helmet with good liner and chin strap,

Lot 437
German WWII Splinter Pattern Camo Para Helmet Cover

Splinter pattern paratrooper helmet cover with a hook-over system. Foliage bands on top and sides.

Lot 445
German WWII Army Tropical Enlisted Man's Tunic

Army tropical four-pocket tunic with Pioneer enlisted man's slip on shoulder boards; Army tropical eagle over the breast pocket; faded collar tabs.

Lot 447
German Officer's Field Boots

These single-buckle calf-high boots have no markings that we can locate. They appear to be about size ten.

Lot 494
German WWII NSKK Chained Water Transport Dagger

Beautiful Eickhorn M7/66 1939 dated blade. Has 8.75" blade with all darkening to motto. Has overall probably 90% + gold on all parts. Grip fits nicely and has a very pleasing cherry finish. SA button and eagle set in handle nicely, anodized scabbard fading, All screws intact. Back of chain is both NSKK marked and RZM proof.

Lot 498
German Post WWII SA Honor Dagger

Nazi standard "Feld Herrenhalle" presentation dagger with genuine ivory grips.  1960's reproduction gold and dark blue highlighted blade with Herman Goring inscription on both sides and dated 1938.  "SA" emblem also etched on blade.  No trademark and all fittings are solid brass and gold-plated.

Lot 525
Japanese WWII Training Fuse

Large iron fuse cap with a 4" wooden fuse plug. Japanese ink stamp on plug.

Lot 560
**Japanese Arisaka Type 1 Made in Italy

6.5 Japanese caliber, 31" barrel, S/N T1313. Blue finish, hardwood stock.

Lot 641
Sionics Suppressor Trainer SS-I-T Serial Number 05

12.5" milled blued steel non-functional silencer training device.

Lot 45
Makah Basket with Decorative Rim

twined and plaited basket with decorative loop rim finish, height 6 in. x diameter 9.5 in.mid-20th century

Lot 59
California Utility Baskets

lot of 3 twined baskets, includes one with closed stitches and a wrapped rim, height 5.25 in. x width 9 in.; PLUS another with spaces between the warp elements and a wrapped rim, height 4.25 in. x diameter 13 in.; AND the last with a bowl shape and a wrapped rim, height 5 in. x width 8.5 in. mid-20th century

Lot 60
Central California Twined Work Baskets

lot of 2, one large and one small. Large basket with wrapping over a metal rim, length 17 in.; AND other smaller basket ;with natural reed rim under wrapping, length 10 in. mid-20th century

Lot 61
California Work Baskets

lot of 2.  Both twined baskets used for daily chores such as washing fruit or gathering food.  One is an oval with a wrapped rim, length 12 in. x height 3.5 in.; AND the other with open twining and a braided rim, diameter 12.75 in. x height 2.5 in.

Lot 62
Central California Coiled Baskets

lot of 2, includes a globular bowl shape with red-brown and black rings of color achieved by weaving with different natural fibers, height 4.25 in. x diameter 7 in.; AND the other a larger basket also with rings of color, height 4.25 in. x 9.25 in. mid-20th century

Lot 63
California Baskets

lot of 3, all coiled. Includes a small tray with seven dark brown upside triangles accented by a rim of same brown fiber, height 1.5 in. x diameter 8 in.; PLUS a similar basket with red-brown motifs spaced around rim and in body, height 2 in. x diameter 8 in.; AND the last an upright bowl with handles on either side and a dark brown fiber rim, height 4.5 in. x diameter 9 in.mid-20th century

Lot 87
Tohono O'odham Figural Baskets

lot of 3, including one decorated with four long-necked birds in flight, height 5 in. x diameter 10 in.; PLUS another basket with a geometric design, height 5.5 in. x length 12 in.; AND a smaller basket with slightly flared rim, height 2.75 in. x diameter 6.5 in.second quarter -mid-20th century

Lot 118
Hopi Utilitarian Baskets of Grand Size

lot of 2, used for holding corn meal or drying peaches.  Includes one from Third Mesa with plaited wicker weaving and fat scalloped rim, height 6 in. x diameter 18 in.; AND the other a twill plaited basket, height 3 in. x diameter 16 in.mid-20th century

Lot 140
Santa Clara Blackware Vases

lot of 4, includes one diminutive jar by Frances Chavarria, height 5.25 in. x diameter 6 in.; PLUS another taller jar which is unsigned and has remnants of decoration along rim, height 7.25 in. x diameter 6.5 in.; PLUS two small decorated plates, diameters 4.25 in.third quarter 20th century

Lot 169
Santo Domingo Bowl

tear-drop shape with slightly flattened shoulder; rim with oval impressions, height 5.75 in. x diameter 8.5 in.second quarter 20th century

Lot 201
Jesus Quezada (Mata Ortiz, 20th century) Sculpted Blackware Jar

formed with steep walls; upper portion of jar decorated in relief with a human face and a rattlesnake; signed on base, height 8.25 in. x diameter 13 in.late 20th century

Lot 324
Navajo Turquoise Nugget Necklaces

lot of 2. One necklace strung on white shell, length 31 in.; AND the other strung on brown shell, length 30 in. fourth quarter 20th century

Lot 343
Pueblo Heishi Necklaces with Large Tabs

lot of 2. Both with turquoise, jet, and catlinite, length 36 in. and 37 in. fourth quarter 20th century

Lot 348
Pueblo Olive Shell Heishi Necklaces

lot of 2, includes one four-strand necklace, length 22 in.; AND one& fine five-strand necklace, length 23 in. mid- third quarter 20th century

Lot 360
Pueblo Trade Bead Necklace with Turquoise

fourteen strands of coral glass tubular beads strung on cotton string and ornamented with two large turquoise nuggets, length 30 in.fourth quarter 20th century

Lot 366
Rolled Turquoise Necklace with Jacla

graduated beads terminate with silver cones; jaclas with white shell tabs in center, length 25 in. ca 1970

Lot 384
Tommy Singer (Navajo, b. 1940) Navajo Necklace

lot of 2, includes the Singer necklace with handmade beads strung with turquoise, heishi, and assorted agate beads. Silver tag with Singer's signature attached near clasp, length 29 in.; AND another necklace strung with a variety of colored beads and assorted carved fetishes, length 29 in. fourth quarter 20th century

Lot 393
Zuni Fetish Necklace

two strands of brown heishi strung with olive green stone, possibly serpentine, birds and bears, length 31 in. late 20th century

Lot 406
Zuni Inlaid Ring

with .25 in. inlaid bands of turquoise, wood, coral, lapis, and bone, size 10.5 ca 1970

Lot 437
Hopi Kwewu Wolf Katsina Doll

with correct paraphernalia of spotted leggings and loincloth. Katsina with white fur and red snout with teeth, height 18.5 in. Writing on base indicates this is the White Bear, but this is incorrect. ca 1970

Auctions 1-50 of 61