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Lot 3
Early American Writing Desk Identified to Henry Worthington, Who Served Aboard the USS Constitution

Writing desk constructed of striped and curly maple, with inlaid, original to the period brass plaque inscribed Henry Worthington, U.S. Navy. The traveling chest measures 8 in. tall x 20.75 in. wide and is mounted with brass corners and straps.  Henry Worthington served aboard the USS Constitution, the wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the US Navy, which was named by President George Washington after the US ...

Lot 4
Pre-Civil War Whole Plate Tintype of Rhode Island Militia United Train of Artillery

Finely hand-tinted full plate tintype of five Rhode Island militiamen, ca late-1850s. Housed in a 16 x 18 in. frame. The tinting is so fine that the viewer can clearly discern UTA 1775 in gold tint on the belt buckles of the two men at right, which corresponds to the Rhode Island United Train of Artillery. Two volunteer companies -- the Train of Artillery and the Providence Fusiliers -- were chartered by the Rhode Island General Assembly ...

Lot 18
Ninth Plate Ambrotype of Confederate Soldier, Found in Eastern Virginia

A ninth plate clear ambrotype portrait of an anonymous enlisted man sporting a stylish van dyke, wearing the early war regulation frock coat with two rows of seven buttons, unfortunately not clear enough to make out. The cuffs bearing three smaller buttons appear to be devoid of a branch of service color. Consignor relates that this image was found in eastern Virginia.

Lot 24
Confederate Colonel F.H. Barrett, 2nd Texas Cavalry, CDV

Carte de visite of Colonel F.H. Barrett in civilian clothing, wearing oak insignia on his jacket lapel, no studio imprint. Barrett served with the 2nd Texas Cavalry, which was originally organized as the 2nd Texas Mounted Rifles in May of 1861 with recruits from Houston, San Antonio, Marshall, and Beeville. It was reorganized in April 1862 as the 2nd Texas Cavalry. It served in the Trans-Mississippi Department and participated...

Lot 46
Two D.G. Farragut CDVs by J. Gurney & Son, One Signed

Lot of 2 CDVs by J. Gurney & Son, New York, one ink signed on verso D.G. Farragut / Rear Admiral.  Farragut held the rank of Rear Admiral from July 1862 to December 1864, when he was promoted to Vice Admiral. He was the first man in US Navy history to achieve either ranks, and became the first full Admiral in July 1866.

Lot 47
Three CDVs of Admiral D.G. Farragut, Including Possibly Unpublished Portrait

Lot of 3, including a carte by Henszey & Co., Philadelphia, an uncredited carte from an engraving, and an uncredited carte of Farragut as Admiral, ink identified in the recto margin, which we have never seen and may be unpublished.

Lot 50
Leavitt & Allen, Our Generals Civil War CDV Album, 1862

Carte de visite album sold commercially by Leavitt & Allen, New York, containing 24 brilliant gray-tone lithographic, mounted views of the most popular Union Generals of the day. The patriotic album contains the original pre-printed gold leaf index listing everyone from Scott, Halleck, and McClellan to Blenker, Viele, and Mitchell, each sleeve page trimmed with red and gray borders and stars. The original black leathe...

Lot 51
Sgt. Warren French, Civil War CDV Album & Related Documents

Lot of 14, including a 4.25 x 5.25 in. album containing 10 CDVs or CDV-sized tintypes, 6 of which depict Warren French during the Civil War (3) and after (3). An inked label affixed to the album's first page reads Warren French/ Capt./ 2nd Battery Boston. Two unmarked cartes show the same studio view of French in full uniform, standing with his sword at his side, and a third war-period carte features Captain French seated beside an ...

Lot 54
CDVs Related to Maryland Heroine, Barbara Fritchie & Frederick, Maryland

Lot of 6 CDVs, including 3 with the backmark of J. Davis Byerly of Frederick, MD, relating to the legendary story of Barbara Fritchie, featuring her portrait, her home, and her flag, plus 3 of Washington area landmarks, by anonymous publishers, featuring the Soldiers' Home, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery, and the bronze equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Square. While the story of Barbara Frit...

Lot 56
William Tecumseh Sherman Imperial Card Photograph by Sarony

Imperial card photograph (7.5 x 13 in.) by Napoleon Sarony, New York, copyright 1888, showing Sherman in his military dress uniform, though he had stepped down as General of the Army five years prior.

Lot 58
Fortress Monroe, Virginia, Albumen Photographs by William Baulch

Lot of 3 albumen photographs in extra-large cabinet format, each on 8 x 5 in. mounts with the verso imprint of William Baulch, Fortress Monroe, VA.  The military installation of Fort Monroe, located at the Southern tip of the Virginia peninsula, at Old Point Comfort in Hampton, VA, was identified in the early 17th century as a strategic defensive location, and during Virginia's first two ce...

Lot 60
President Lincoln at Battlefield of Antietam, Photograph by Alexander Gardner, Descended in the Family of Gen. Fitz John Porter

Fine albumen photograph, 7 x 9 in., on 13 x 14 in. cream-colored mount featuring the printed title, The President, General McClellan and Suite/ On the Battle-field of Antietam. / October 3, 1862. Credited to Alexander Gardner, photographer, and Mathew Brady, publisher. Dated 1862. With General Fitz-John Porter's Head Quarters. 5th Army Corps penciled below printed title, and ten of the officers ide...

Lot 66
Photograph of Alexander S. Webb, CMOH Gettysburg, in his Tent

Photograph of Alexander Stewart Webb conversing with another general in his tent, 5.625 x 7.625 in. Alexander S. Webb (1835-1911) served throughout the war but his most memorable military service was at Gettysburg. His brigade was posted on Cemetery Ridge with the rest of the II Corps on the morning of July 2. The brigade repulsed the assault of Brig. Gen. Ambrose R. Wright's brigade of Georgians in the afternoon, capturing ca 300 men and...

Lot 67
Civil War Albumen Photograph of the 43rd Massachusetts Tiger Regiment at Camp Rogers, New Bern, NC, 1863

Albumen photograph, 9 x 11 in., on a larger mount imprinted in the lower margin Camp Rogers / Encampment of the 43rd Regiment Mass. Vols. / Newbern, N.C., March 12, 1863, around the emblem of the "Tiger Regiment." Photo credit to Lieut. G.H. Nickerson, 1863 copyright to H.B. Nickerson, and printing credit to Black. Framed, 17 x 19 in. The 43rd Massachusetts, also known as the "Tiger Regiment," primarily saw service in eastern North Carolina, bein...

Lot 69
Alexander Gardner Albumen Photograph, Head-Quarters Army of the Potomac at Brandy Station, Virginia

Albumen photograph, 6.75 x 9 in., on 10 x 12 in. mount with the imprinted title Head-Quarters Army of the Potomac, Brandy Station, Virginia / February 1864, with credit for the negative to Timothy H. O'Sullivan, credit for the positive to Gardner, and 1866 copyright. From Alexander Gardner's Incidents of the War, plate 60. Accompanied by the description page from the book, identifying specific tents as Gen. Meade's, Gen. ...

Lot 70
Panoramic Salt Print of the 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves at Brandy Station

Overall, 8 x 19 in., irregular, composed of two roughly 8 x 10 in. salt prints, penciled in the left margin Genl. Meade's, Genl. Humphries and Genl. Wilson's tents, Headquarters A of P.  The left print is from the same negative as that offered in the previous lot and featured as Plate 60 in Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the War, while the right is a rarely seen extension of the view taken the same day.

Lot 73
Mathew Brady Albumen Photograph of the 12th New York Battery, With Brady Himself Among the Soldiers

Albumen photograph, 5 x 8 in., on 9.5 x 13 in. mount stamped Brady / Washington. Verso affixed with two revenue stamps totaling five cents and penciled 12th N.Y. Battery / Capt. McKnight in front of redoubt / No. 9432. Mathew Brady can be seen wearing his straw hat, standing in front of the carriage wheel in the center of the frame. This view was taken before Petersburg, June 21, 1864. A rare view.

Lot 77
Civil War Albumen Photograph of 20th Army Corps Commanders in Atlanta, Featuring Rare View of Benjamin Harrison in Uniform

Albumen photograph, 10 x 12.5 in., mounted, 13 x 15.5 in. Inked on the print Gen. Benjamin Harrison, 1865 / Gen. Harrison, Gen. Ward, Gen. Dustin, Gen. Cogswell. A very rare view of the future president in uniform. Harrison is shown as a brigadier general, and wears a black cloth tied around his left elbow, in mourning of President Lincoln, who had been assassinated not long before this photograph. Harrison used a cropped version of this photo...

Lot 79
Alexander Gardner Albumen Photograph of the Dedication of the Monument on Bull Run Battlefield, June 1865

Albumen photograph, 6.75 x 9 in., mounted, 12.25 x 15.75 in. From Gardner's Incidents of the War, published by Philp & Solomon, Washington. Negative by W. Morris Smith, positive by and copyright of Alexander Gardner, 1865. Accompanied by the description page from the book explaining the significance of the monument's design and location, the ceremony, and identification of notable figures in attendance (and vi...

Lot 81
Fine Group of Albumen Civil War Photographs by Brady, Printed From the Original Negatives

Lot of 10 albumen photographs on seven 11 x 14 in. mounts.  Six prints are 5 x 8 in. to 6.75 x 9.75 in., on their own mount, and four are halves of stereoscopic pairs on the same mount. The prints are albumen prints from the original negatives, but the mounts appear to be later 19th century.  Views include: the General Hospital at Point of Rocks, Maryland; the XI Corps ambulance camp at Brandy Station, Virginia; soldiers playing card...

Lot 83
General Joseph A. Mower, Large Format Albumen Photograph

Albumen photograph, 6.75 x 8.5 in., mounted, 11 x 14 in. Mower is shown wearing his major general's uniform with XX Corps badge. Joseph A. Mower, "Fighting Joe," (1827-1870) entered the army during the Mexican War as a private, serving through 1848. He re-enlisted as a second lieutenant with 1st U.S. Infantry in 1855, and was commissioned volunteer colonel of the 11th Missouri Infantry at its incept...

Lot 95
Thomas Stonewall Jackson Early Civil War-Dated ALS, April 30, 1861

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (1824-1863). Confederate General. ALS as Colonel, 1p, 7 x 8.75 in., "Division Head Quarters." April 30, 1861. T.J. Jackson, who would in three months earn the title "Stonewall," writes to Kenton Harper referring to Harper as "General." Actually Harper had lost the title of General in the militia on April 27 and was in the process of being made Colonel in the new Virginia Vol...

Lot 96
Early Actions at Harpers Ferry, April 1861, ALS & Questionnaire

Lot of 2, including: William Henry Harman (1828-1865), Augusta, VA. ALS as Brigadier General, 1p, 7.75 x 9.75 in., "Headquarters 13th Brigade V.M., Harpers Ferry." April 21, 1861. Harman tells Harper, who was then still a General in the Militia, that he encloses a question and answer statement. Accompanied by manuscript questionnaire, 7.75 x 9.75 in., which mentions the burning of the buildings at Harpers Ferry!

Lot 99
Kenton Harper ALS Regarding Harpers Ferry Armory

Kenton Harper. ALS as Colonel, 2pp, 7.75 x 9.75 in., "Head Quarters, Third Va. Infantry, Bolivar." June 6, 1861. Addressed to Governor [John] Letcher of Virginia. In this letter, Harper describes to the Governor the important role that Captain M.E. Price held in securing the weapons and armory at Harpers Ferry. Harper provides a description of the important role that the Harpers Ferry citizens played in doing this task. Harper gave...

Lot 111
Three Manassas Battle Maps Owned by Kenton Harper, Plus

Lot of 4, including 3 Manassas Battle maps owned by Colonel Harper along with his personal copy of Battle of Young's Branch or Manassas Plain, by T.B. Warder & Jas. M. Catlett. Richmond, VA: Enquirer Book and Job Press, Tyler, Wise, Allegre and Smith, 1862. This rare Confederate imprint was published with two fold-out maps. Rarely are the maps ever seen as they would deteriorate from being folded, etc. Colonel Harper had both of these map...

Lot 115
Kenton Harper & Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Letters Signed, Plus A Sad Resignation

Lot of 4, including: Kenton Harper. ALS as Colonel, with an endorsement signed by General T.J. Jackson, 1p, 8 x 10 in., "Camp Harman." August 29, 1861. Colonel Harper writes to Jackson: I have just received intelligence of the serious illness of my wife, of such a nature, indeed, as induces me to apprehend I shall never her again alive. Under the circumstances I feel constrained by the highest obligations of duty to ask leave of abse...

Lot 118
J.E.B. Stuart ANS, May 27, 1864

J.E.B. Stuart (1833-1864). Famed Confederate Cavalier. Autograph endorsement signed as Major General, 3.5 x 3.5 in., "Head Qrs Cav Corps." May 27, 1864. This was written by Stuart nine days before he was mortally wounded at Yellow Tavern. An attractive endorsement, framed together with modern engraving of Stuart, 8 x 14 in. overall.

Lot 127
Joshua Chamberlain, CMOH Gettysburg, ANS, November 30, 1864

Joshua Chamberlain (1828-1914). College professor from Maine who volunteered his services and became a Medal of Honor-winning Brevet Major General, and later a four-time Governor of Maine and president of Bowdoin College. ANS as Brigadier General, 2.5 x 3.25 in., "Hd. Qrs. 1 Brigade 1 Div. 5 Corps." November 30, 1864. A beautiful ANS signed J.L. Chamberlain, Brig. Gen. Comdg.

Lot 128
Napoleon Dana, Union POW Exchange Document Signed

Manuscript document dated April 14, 1865, which discusses the return of Union prisoner's of war from the Confederate camps: Vicksburg, Miss. April 14th, 1865. 1st It is understood that the Confederate Agents of Exchange at this point, agree to permit the prisoners now encamped near this city, to go to such places as the United States may direct, upon parole of honor, not to serve against the Confederate States in any Military or constabul...

Lot 133
Civil War Archive Pertaining to Camp Letterman and the Release of a POW

Lot of 4 letters related to the release of Pvt. George L. Hadley, 3rd Alabama (POW Gettysburg). Camp Letterman was a series of field hospitals established by both sides in the vicinity of the Gettysburg Battlefield. Dr. Henry Janes, Surgeon, US Vols., was left in charge of the hospitals, many of which were in churches, barns, schools, and private homes. On July 5, the number of soldiers who were too seriously wounded to be moved with their res...

Lot 134
US Army Surgeon, Jonathan Letterman, Two Civil War Letters Regarding Camp Letterman

Dr. Jonathan Letterman, Medical Director for the Army of the Potomac, 2 ALsS regarding matters at Camp Letterman, Gettysburg, PA, addressed to Dr. Henry Janes, who was in charge of the camp, dated August 29, 1863 and October 29, 1863. Each with letterhead, "Head-Quarters, Army of the Potomac, Medical Director's Office." Jonathan Letterman is credited as the father of modern battlefield medicine. In developing the “Lett...

Lot 136
Andersonville Prison Collection of Hiram Buckingham, Co. A., 16th Connecticut Infantry, One of the Few Who Escaped

Lot of 5 items owned by Pvt. Hiram Buckingham, a resident of Hartford, CT, who enlisted on August 6, 1862, and became a member of Co. A, 16th Connecticut Infantry. On April 20, 1864, he was captured at Plymouth, NC. The men captured at Plymouth were referred to by the "Raiders" (Union prisoners who would rob and steal fresh meat) as "Pilgrims." Buckingham was one of the very few who actually escaped from Andersonville on Septe...

Lot 157
CSA Lt. Colonel Frank H. Langley's Old First Virginia Infantry Broadside

Partially printed, colorful honorable service broadside presented to Frank H. Langley by the Old First Virginia Infantry Association. The document states that Langley served as Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, and Lieutenant Colonel in the "Old First." Langley served from April 21, 1861, until the last day of the war in 1865. Judging from the various ranks he held, he must have done it all! The First Virginia Regimental states that...

Lot 158
Gettysburg Campaign, Important Civil War Broadside from Frederick, Maryland, July 1863

Printed broadside from the Gettysburg Campaign announcing that Frederick City, MD, would be placed under Martial Law as a result of Lee's retreating army being close by. Boldly headed Head-Quarters/ Frederick City, MD., July 8th 1863, the broadside goes on to announce General Order No. 1 by authority of Major General French commanding the 3rd Army Corps, with military assuming command of the city of Frederick, MD. Major Cole, M...

Lot 161
Civil War Surgeon's Field Desk & Related Items of Dr. John Cooper

This exceptional lot features the field desk with key, the original designs and notes for the construction of the desk, three CDVs and a cabinet card of Dr. Cooper, five war-date documents relating to the desk and Cooper's service, and two binders containing research materials. Desk measures 18.75 x 32 x 18 in. high. when closed, with Cooper painted in an arch above the handles on both sides. A contract surgeon for several regiments at the beg...

Lot 162
General John Sedgwick, Relics from his Death, Including Corps Badge, Lock of Hair, and Gold Coin

Lot of 5. One of the most highly regarded, unfailingly competent, and truly beloved commanders of the Federal army during the Civil War, Major General John Sedgwick may best be remembered for the bitter irony of the last words that ever left his lips: They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance! This fine lot includes a lock of Major General Sedgwick's hair intricately woven and placed within a golden Greek cross, a symbol of Sedgwick's 6th...

Lot 163
Civil War ID Disc, J.A. Smith, 1st Maryland Infantry, Listing Ten Battles

Scarce pewter ID disc, 1.5 in. dia., stamped: J.A. Smith/ Co. B/ 1st Reg./ MD. Vol./ Baltimore, Md. The reverse lists the following 10 battles in extremely small stamping: War of 1861/ Antietam/ Catlick Sta./ Harper's Ferry/ Antietam/ Mine Run/ Bristow Station/ Spotsylvania Court House/ Petersburg/ Weldon RR/ Deep Bottom/ Reams Station/ Engaged in the above battles. Note that Antietam is listed twice.    John A. Smith enl...

Lot 168
USS Kearsarge Framed Flag Relic

Flag fragment, 3.75 x 1.25 in., sewn to a 4 x 5 in. note reading: Piece of pennant of the U.S.S. Kearsarge at the masthead at the time of battle with the C.S. Alabama, June 19th 1864, off Cherbourg, France./ Capt. John A. Winslow commanding "Kearsarge." Framed with a silver gelatin photograph of Winslow and a modern depiction of the battle, 15.5 x 16.5 in. overall, and accompanied by a letter from John Winslow Jr., 2pp, dated at US Traini...

Lot 182
James Buchanan Grand National Inaugural Ball Invitation & Envelope

Lot of 2, includes invitation and envelope, 1857. Invitation 7 x 10.25 in. on cardstock, with Miss Espasia Ramburger handwritten on the invitation to the Grand National Inauguration Ball, March Fourth, James Buchanan, Pres. US / Jno. C. Breckenridge, Vice Pres. US, to be held in Judiciary Square, Washington, DC. This wonderful invitation made by Toppan, Carpenter & Co., Philadelphia, gives the impression that it was engraved on marble. The...

Lot 200
Harry S. Truman, Portable Poker Table Identified to the Former President While in Residence at Blair House

Portable, folding poker table, with two small plaques inscribed Harry S. Truman U.S.A. and Blair House Washington D.C., each mounted on one of the sides of the octagonal table top. 30 in. tall, 54 in. wide. Portion of original paper label on underside of table top identifies the maker as Marquette Mfg. Co., Ludington, Mich., which was a furniture manufacturing company operating in the 1940s.    Harry Tru...

Lot 201
Carrie Nation ANS, Plus Group of Photographs

Lot of 7, including postcard of log cabin, captioned in negative Carrie Nation"s Old log Cabin / Her Oklahoma Home. / Copyrighted 1908 by Dedrick. Reverse addressed to Kate Doneghy, Macon, MO. with pencil note signed Your Devoted Niece Carry. Entire note: My Dear Aunt Your letter to hand while my health is good my arms are too lame to while it is a struggle Dear Aunt to [about 1 1/2 lines partially erased] I live from day to day only He has ...

Lot 216
Waterloo Veteran, Auguste Prosper Michaud, Set of Documents, Including Two Signed by Soult

Lot of 5-plus documents relating to the military career of French officer Auguste Prosper Michaud. Michaud joined the 3rd Regiment de Voltigeurs of the Garde Imperiale on May 28, 1815, served at Waterloo the following month, and was discharged in September.  He then joined the 53rd Regiment of the Line in 1817 and served for nearly 30 years, retiring in 1846. This lot includes: Michaud's discharge, dated Sept. 15, 1815, signed by...

Lot 221
Abner Chapman, First Schoolteacher & Storekeeper in Union County, Ohio, Early 19th Century Store Ledger & Related Documents

Ledger with dates from 1803 to about 1852. The typical purchases and payments are recorded (whiskey, cloth, tobacco, more whiskey); also, some labor, such as a payment to Ephraim Higgins for one day's work on the highway. Abner and Relief (Baldwin) Chapman were natives of Vermont. Abner was born about 1790, and he and his brother, David, came to Ohio on foot in 1810. They first stopped in Franklin County, then moved on to Union County the ...

Lot 222
U.S. Lighthouse Establishment, Mississippi, Missouri, & Ohio River System, Archive of Documents

Lot of 60+ documents related the U.S. Light-House Establishment, dated at Cincinnati, July to September, 1877. One group of 18 documents (Form 28) is noted as "Appropriation for Lighting and Buoyage of Miss., Mo. & Ohio Rivers." Issued at Cincinnati, Albert Fautz, USN, Comdr. These appear to be for items such as linens, lanterns, cans, carpets, room rentals and wharfage fees. A group of three documents (Form 7) are payroll forms, for six peop...

Lot 224
Lew Wallace ALS, Including Discussion of Jesse James

Lew Wallace (1827-1905). Union major general in the Civil War, Governor of New Mexico Territory (1878-1881), and author of the best-selling book Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1880). ALS, 2.5pp, 6 x 9.5 in., "Hotel Bristol, New York" letterhead. November 20, 1895. Addressed to J.L. Chilton. An interesting letter in which Wallace responds to an individual questioning his treatment of Jesse James while he served as Governor of the New Mex...

Lot 232
Ticknor's Life of William Prescott, 1864, with ALS

Ticknor, George. Life of William Hickling Prescott. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1864. Large 8vo, green cloth with gilt device and border on front, gilt lettering on spine; x, 491pp. Tipped in ALS from Ticknor to Rev. D. Pierce requesting information about the number of Congregational ministers and parishes in 1800, 1815, 1825, and 1835. 1p, (6.5 x 9 in.), Boston, 13 Apr. 1835. Also a tipped in engraving of Prescott on second fep, and a couple of ...

Lot 233
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, First Edition

Clemens, Samuel (Mark Twain). Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. (Tom Sawyer's Comrade). New York: Charles L. Webster and Company, 1885. 8vo, illustrated green cloth with gilt front and spine, 366pp. This copy has most of the first edition points: Page 13: erroneous reference to page 88 for "Him and another Man," [later changed to 87]. Page 9:"Huck Decided to Leave" [later changed to "Decides"]. Frontis ...

Lot 246
William Preston Mayfield, Collection of Vintage Silver Prints of Dayton, Ohio

Lot of 34 silver prints, each approx. 8 x 10 in., with William Preston Mayfield's Dayton, OH, handstamp on verso. Eight prints also include Mayfield's blindstamp.    William Preston Mayfield (1896-1974) was an aerial, commercial, and newspaper photographer primarily associated with the Dayton Daily News in Dayton, OH. Within a year after making his first photograph in 1909, Mayfield took what is consi...

Lot 262
Surgeon Numon N. Horton, 47th USCT, Manuscript Archive

8 items. Archive of assorted immediate post-war letters received by Capt. Robert M. Campbell of the 47th Regiment, United States Colored Troops. Primarily from Dr. Numon Norris Horton (1838-1892), Assistant Surgeon of the 47th, but also including some correspondence from Capt. Emanuel W. Hershe, who led Company "K" of the 47th. Hershe, a confirmed bachelor, pleads with Campbell not to abandon his old comrade for married life, but Remember Blakel...

Lot 263
Chaplain Francis Weaver, 10th US Cavalry, Buffalo Soldiers, Manuscript Archive

An archive of approx. 40 letters, official documents, and cards connected with Chaplain Francis (Frank) Weaver, including a biographical sketch written by him. November 1864-early 20th Century. With many official US Government documents that appear to have been part of Weaver’s government service/ employment records. Accompanied by 7 family documents that are not connected directly to Weaver. Francis Weaver’s st...

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