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L.W. Stilwell & George Spencer, Group of Plains Indian Photographs
Lot # 331 - L.W. Stilwell & George Spencer, Group of Plains Indian Photographs
Lot of 6, including 3 cabinet cards and a boudoir card published by L.W. Stilwell, Deadwood, SD, the subjects identified in the negatives as Woman's Dress, He saved General Crook's life, American Horse, White Buffalo, Chief, and Padani and Modopahi; and a single cabinet photograph by George Spencer, Chicago, of War Bonnet, as identified in negative. Accompanied by an anonymous stereoview of a large group of men gathered together at Pawnee Rock, May 2, 1879, as inked on verso.
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Steeple-Top Brass Andirons and Fireplace Tools
Lot # 62 - Steeple-Top Brass Andirons and Fireplace Tools
American, 19th century. A pair of brass andirons having spurred legs and slipper feet, and three fireplace tools including ember tongs and two shovels; andiron ht. 18.5 in.; shovel lg. 25 in.
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CSA Captain F.L. Childs, Charleston Arsenal, ALS, September 3, 1861
Lot # 82 - CSA Captain F.L. Childs, Charleston Arsenal, ALS, September 3, 1861
Frederick L. Childs. Confederate Captain. ALS, 1p, dated September 3, 1861, at Charleston, SC. 

I have the honor to hand you herewith invoice of one box containing, one hundred sets of Infantry Accoutrements, turned over to Capt. Hudson Lee A. Q. M. On the 30th alto for transmittal to your address. Upon the delivery of the articles be good enough to send me duplicate receipts.
I am sir
Your Obedt. Servt.
F. L. Childs Capt. Com. Arty.
Capt.W. K. Bachman German Volunteers.

This letter was written by Captain Childs while commanding the Charleston Arsenal, to Captain W.K. Bachman of the Charleston Artillery Battery and the German Light Artillery. This unit was formed in early 1862, so these accoutrements were to outfit the new unit. 

The German Light Artillery was formed in Charleston, SC, early in 1862. William K. Bachman was its commander as Captain. It was armed with four 12-lb. Napoleons from August 1862 to July 1863. On May 3, 1864, it was armed with two Blakely Rifles and two 12-lb. Howitzers. On January 6, 1865, if was armed with four 12-lb. Napoleons. This unit served at the Seven Days Battle, Second Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, then returned to South Carolina. It was later in the Carolina Campaign. It was surrendered by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at Durham Station, Orange County, NC, on April 26, 1865.
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Federal Demilune Fire Screen
Lot # 59 - Federal Demilune Fire Screen
American, 19th century. An iron firescreen of demilune form, having brass lower trim and three brass feet, with scrolling iron wire ornament; ht. 14.25, wd. 39 in.
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Timothy O'Sullivan Wheeler Expedition Photograph, <i>Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona</i>
Lot # 367 - Timothy O'Sullivan Wheeler Expedition Photograph, Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona
Albumen photograph, 8 x 10.75 in., on an 11 x 13.75 in. mount with the imprinted title Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona, with T.H. O'Sullivan Phot. lower left and No.1 lower right of the print. O'Sullivan produced this landscape photograph during the Wheeler Expedition of 1873. Note the armed man at lower right.
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W.H. Jackson Albumen Photograph, <i>Upper Fire Hole, From " width="224" />
">Lot # 371 - W.H. Jackson Albumen Photograph, Upper Fire Hole, From "Old Faithful"
Albumen Photograph, 10 x 12.75 in., titled in the negative Upper Fire Hole, From "Old Faithful," on 16 x 20 in. mount with Hayden Expedition imprint at upper left and credit to Jackson at lower left. Ca 1871.
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Apple Butter Kettles
Lot # 57 - Apple Butter Kettles
American, 19th-20th century. Two large copper apple butter kettles; largest ht. without handle 15, dia. 25.25 in.
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Latticino Core-Swirl Marbles
Lot # 384 - Latticino Core-Swirl Marbles
Three latticino core-swirl marbles; dia. 1.25, 1.5, and 2 in.
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Scallop Pattern Pottery Teapots
Lot # 301 - Scallop Pattern Pottery Teapots
American (possibly Ohio), 19th century. Two teapots with scallop pattern rims and brass handles, one in green and brown mottled glaze, the other in green and blue; ht. 6.25 in. (each, without handle).
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Rockingham Glaze Pitchers, Compote, Jar, and Bowl
Lot # 106 - Rockingham Glaze Pitchers, Compote, Jar, and Bowl
American, 19th century. A group of 5 pieces including a lidded paneled pitcher with green accents to glaze, a miniature pitcher, a round covered jar, a compote, and a miniature wash bowl; tallest ht. 9.5 in.
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Neil Armstrong Signed Photograph
Lot # 255 - Neil Armstrong Signed Photograph
Neil Armstrong (1930-2012). Apollo 11 crew member and the first man to set foot on the moon (July 1969). NASA photograph, uninscribed, signed in blue felt-tip. Likely from the early 1970s. We have scanned dozens of Armstrong signatures from this period and this one is a bit different, probably not an autopen.

Accompanied by a photo of a Boy Scout gathering of over 100 scouts with Armstrong front and center (the only one not in uniform). Possibly the occasion on which the photo was signed.
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